16 Apr 2012

A big girl bicycle

As you know we spend a lot of time riding bikes, a lot. So how did we not notice that Rosies bicycle was to small for her, until last week? The poor girl was nearly knocking her knees on the on the handlebars and she looked like a giant perched atop of the tiny thing. Both girls have always received their bikes as either Christmas or birthday gifts but since Rosie's birthday has already passed and Christmas is at the other end of the the year we decided to just go ahead and replace it. Yesterday was the day. We told her we were going to do it this weekend as long as we got home from the swim meet at a decent time. She was really excited about it. Lily got showered and changed and we hopped into the car with Rosie grinning like a cat with new pajamas. We headed to Tarjay and they were sold out of bikes in her size. Rosie was slightly deflated. Next we headed to the place I detest most in the world, WallyWorld. They were also sold out of girl bikes in her size. This was not going well. Jacob suggested Sports Authority. I said this was a bad idea as they would not have kids bikes so I stayed in the car with Lily. I got a text to meet them in there as they had bikes for kids. Rosie was beaming from ear to ear and was precariously perched on a dirty looking and scratched floor model. Jacob said the sales guy had gone to find the price as it was the only one left. He came back with a ridiculous price and I had to break the bad news to Rosie. I was not about to pay top dollar for a bike that looked second hand. Now we were panicking. Toys r Us was the only place left. We headed to the bike section and they had rows and rows of them. Rose (sorry I had to call her that after writing rows and rows) was awestruck. She chose a polka dot one. I DO NOT allow the girls to ride bikes in the stores even if the stores allow it. I DO NOT allow the girls to play with toys in the stores, even if the stores allow it, it pisses me off to see this. Yesterday, and I believe it was the 7 hours of sleep in 48 hours, I told Rosie to ride it to the register. She looked at me like I had sprouted another head and then looked at Jacob and then very very gingerly rode her bike, oh so slowly to the cash register. I then remembered we needed new swimming goggles for the pool this summer so I told her to head to the goggle section then back to the register where we paid before riding right out the door and into the car park where we made her get off so we could walk it to the car. Later we rode to the park. I can't tell you how great it feels to ride at a decent speed with her. Usually I have to hobble along on my bike because her organ grinders monkey bike was so small it was so slow. This one actually goes fast. The plan is to let her get used to it for a few weeks and then rip the training wheels right out from underneath her. Well what do you expect from us, the ever loving parents?
Happy girl on her BIG bike
On the way to the park she rode so fast that I was concerned she was going to fall off
Polka dots
So proud
There is a bit more to this story and I will share it later


Vivian M said...

Congrats Rosie-Rose-Rows on your new big girl bike!!!

Anonymous said...

go girl go.lovebbxx

val said...

Love that new bike...I'm giggling so much(I'm supposed to be working!)at the mental picture of Rosie riding around the store on her "not paid for" bike!!!

Tammie said...

Congrats Rosie!! I love your new bike!

Briana's Mom said...

Love the polka dots! That gal has style!


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