15 Apr 2012

Oh the shame

No one is ever going to accuse me of being one of those pushy over the top swim mums. You want to know why? I actually managed to miss my own childs race today whilst standing at the end of the pool waiting for her to have her turn. Uh huh, I really did. I stood there, with Rosie by my side, waiting for the people in front to step aside once their children had finished competing only to have Lily walk up to me all dripping wet asking me where I was? WHAT? I was right here, right here waiting for you.

All the kids have a heat number and a lane number, as your kid swims you move out the way so the next childs spectators can see directly onto the lane. The arsehats in front of me were just that, arsehats who's kids were after Lily and they blocked the whole lane so I missed her swim. Live and learn I tell you, live and learn. When I told Jacob he said, I should have pushed the #*$#%* in the pool.

I saw her swim her fly which was fabulous. I was glued to the lane like white on rice as she paced back and forth cos lucky for me but not so for her, she was number one in the heat. This meant she had to stand at the board and wait as they set everything up. Poor kid paced and twitched like a racehorse at the starting gate. Today was a perfect meet, the weather was perfect, the pool was perfect and pretty much, if you ignore my mummy snafu it was just perfect. Lily left feeling like a champ even though she said her backstroke was terrible and that she bumped into the divider a few times. Her times were okay so she should feel good about it all. The atmosphere was really uplifting. I think if I had pushed those folks in the pool that might have changed a bit so best I refrained!

In the pool for warm-ups
My girls
Waiting to compete
getting in the zone
as the seconds tick away she gets more antsy
and more fidgety
tapping her fingers
she has no idea I am even at the end of the pool
fiddling with her cap for the millionth time
Finally, it's show time
the fly (still not the shot, damn it!)
What a huge improvement in just 2 weeks.

Your times today were:
Fly: 54.87


val said...

I'm with Jacob...what a great pic that would be! I can just see the headlines now.....Swim Mom assaults spectator.
Can you set your camera on continuous shoot mode? It will make it easier to get the shot you are looking for.

dawn said...

Val I can but only for a certain amount of time...I think. I really have to read the book. It seems that sometimes it shoots continuously for ages and other times only a little bit. I will read that bloody book.

Anonymous said...



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