17 Apr 2012

It could become addictive

I am not one for keeping stuff. In fact, I detest stuff. Less is more in my book. Get rid of it, are words I live by. I am not my fathers daughter, my Grandmothers grand daughter, my uncles niece, in fact I fell so far away from that branch of the family tree it makes them all shudder. Of course having children has tested my minimalist philosophy a whole lot and the addition of my second daughter has pushed me to my breaking point on many occasions. Lily has always very willingly passed her things along to those we know and those less fortunate but Rosie, she chooses not to grasp this concept. what's hers is hers and should stay that way forever and always. If she had it her way even the water in the bath tub would stay there. Old clothes should be placed lovingly in her forever box never in the big black garbage sack marked..........Goodwill. 

Sometimes always I clear out Rosie's possessions when she is a school because it spares us both the stress and grief. Recently it became painfully obvious to one of us that her bike and her rocking horse were way, way to small for her and needed to go. I was wary terrified of broaching the subject with her so I used avoidance until I could no longer stand it. I had one last closet to clear out before hauling my bounty to the charity drop off point. I casually mentioned to a friend how sad it was that I was getting rid of so many things that were in perfect condition and how some of the dresses had only been worn once and that some still had tags on them. My friends who take hand me downs no longer want them as they are inundated with clothes. This particular friend told me of a shop that buys them from you. It isn't a consignment shop but a resale shop and they offer you cash on the spot.

 I wasted no time. I went to the website and followed the instructions. Everything was washed, ironed folded and placed into containers. The toys were like new, wiped clean, no missing parts etc etc. I waited to pick Rosie up from school and then I sweet talked her with the plan.

 "RoRo, you know how your bike is way to small for you and is kind of like a baby bike? And you know how it goes so slooow and how you can't keep up with Lily? Would you like to get a big girl bicycle?

 Yes yes yes please Mummy.

 I mean a proper big girl bike that goes super speedy fast. You could even go to the store and pick it out yourself. I bet they even have bikes in colours that you LOVE. Not baby bikes with Dora and Barbie on but ones like Lily's.

 Yes yes yes.

 (aha I'm quite good at this game, sucker)

 Okay but there is a bit of a problem you have to help a little bit if you really want a big girl bike that goes super duper fast like Lilys. Bikes like that cost loads of money but I have a really great idea. Mari told me about a place that will buy your old bike and give you the money for it but that won't be quite enough we will have to give them rocky horse too and then they will give you so much money you will have enough to buy a super great bike. You can even pick it out yourself  OK RoRo. 

Ok Mummy lets do it.

Bwa ha ha ha ha. Call me evil if you must but I just know how to get the job done. And so the very next morning when she was at school I took all the clothes and the old toys and knowing that it was a, first come, first served, situation I was parked outside the shop when opened. I hauled my stash into the shop and they took a very thorough look and they picked through and they took it. They gave me enough money to buy the bike the goggles a float for the pool and a little change. Now I am all for paying it forward and giving to charity but cash for my hand me downs....I kinda like it, especially if it is actually going to make Rosie get rid of stuff! The power of the mighty Buck. BOO YA.

Lily was not complete;y left out of the equation either, she sold 2 dresses herself. But Lily spent the weekend at a swim meet doing what she loves with her sister being dragged there through lack of choice so don't feel to badly for her.


Johnny said...

We have a stack of 10 National Geographic magazines, still in their protective mailing sleeve. On recycle day, when my wife is at work, sometimes the stack quietly shrinks to 7 with none the wiser.

Any day now, those magazines will be read.

val said...

Oh Man...am I glad Popster doesn't read your blog.....I would be in big trouble! Although he keeps telling me about a guy at the bus garage who brings in something every week from his wife's "stash" & gives it away. He better not get any ideas!

Tammie said...

I am with Rosie. I keep things forever. In fact, I still have a memory book I made in 4H when I was 9. And Erin? I have totes with every project she made in preschool. She is so much better about giving away her old clothing & toys to people who could use her stuff.

Vivian M said...

You did good! I am proud of you. :o)


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