9 Mar 2012

Wish us luck

I do believe the last time I took the girls on an adventure I said I would never do it again. Our luck with the airlines appeared to have ran out but here I am again all packed (well nearly) and ready to fly off with the girls again. It took me 36 hours to get home from Seattle with them and I am crossing everything in hopes that this quick jaunt will be a whole lot smoother.

I haven't decided yet whether I am taking the laptop with us or if I will just catch up when we get home. We have so much luggage for such a short trip. Almost as much as the 4 of us had with us China and that was for the 4 of us and was for 2+ weeks. Winter clothing takes up so much more space.

Is it just me who loves the winglets that the airlines are adding to the wings of their planes now as a fuel saving measure. I think they are adorable. Hey, we all have our thing!


Vivian M said...

Fingers crossed! Hope you can all make it there swiftly and safely and in good health! Take lots of pictures please. :o)

val said...

Do hope you have a wonderful time....visiting family is so great! Keep us up-dated please!

Anonymous said...

Safe landing dawn...in fact you are probably here...looking forward to seeing you all on sunday.xxbb


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