10 Mar 2012

Back in the Old Country

We made it! On the first flight out no less. Sadly we were separated from Lily by 8 rows but she was such a good girl about the whole ordeal.

My sister picked us up at the airport and I have to add a few lines about that. We marched through customs into the arrival area where the girls were ready to combust as they scanned the crowd for Crazy Auntie Sally. No Auntie Sally. I had emailed her from the plane before we left that we were on the first flight and I suddenly had a sinking feeling that she didn't get the email. We saw computers and logged in, she had responded so that meant she was en route. I was a bit nervous that something had happened to her so I kept things light and jolly for the girls and we walked about. I eventually had to use the loo, as I had consumed gallons of water on the flight. We marched off and found the ladies room and it had a stall big enough to take the luggage cart in with us. So we and the luggage trekked in and just as Rosie was pulling up her bloomers I heard someone say , Dawn. I ignored it as no one would be calling for me in the loo at Heathrow Airport. A second later I heard it again and whaddayaknow, my sister was in the stall next to us. It was hilarious as we had this huge reunion with all of us falling out of the bathroom stall.

We headed to the car and hit the road. We drove out of the long Heathrow tunnel and my sister took the wrong turn so we ended up doing back into the long Heathrow tunnel and back out. We were laughing hysterically. I was on the phone with my BIL asking which way to go and we still didn't listen and went wrong 3 times and through that long tunnel 3 times. I have never laughed so hard going out of an airport. She just makes me laugh all the time, that's just one reason why I love her. We then missed our turn for the motorway twice? We have no idea what we were doing as we can both drive this route with our eyes closed.

We finally made it to my Fathers house as the girls had to see him NOW. We stayed for a while and then headed back to Sally's house. The girls have had a wonderful day with all their cousins, they went for a long walk, played in a park, eaten lots of English chocolate and have now crashed so hard they will sleep for days.
Lily and her grandpa, it's a beautiful thing
As soon as we walked into the garden Rosie gasped, what happened? She has never been here in the winter and couldn't believe all the flowers were dead

Arts and crafts
Cousin Elise
Cousin Tiffy
Cousin Christopher, who does not like having his photo taken

While we were at my Fathers house one of his chicken s got out so we all went to round it up. I have no idea why I went, Rosie must have called me first. My father told me to go in one direction and head it off towards it's house. I did but the chicken flew towards me and I just screamed and ran the other way. I got "the look" but he couldn't stop laughing at my patheticness


Pam said...

So glad you made it safely! Sounds like you guys are having loads of fun already!

val said...

OMG I laughed so hard at the Heathrow tunnel story as we,ve done the same thing. In fact last time two of my brothers came to pick us up & they drove through the bicycle tunnel by mistake. It was a while before my bother lived that one down!
Love the pic of Lily with your father....I bet he was happy to see you all. Have fun & try to behave!

Andie said...

Mum and I sort of have a "no-talking-have-to-concentrate" rule until we're out of the airport. I often get mixed up there.
So did you surprise your Dad?

Vivian M said...

That sounds like something I would do! That's why I have a GPS by the way. :o)

Glad you are all safe and having fun already. Have some chocolate for me!


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