11 Mar 2012

Sunday lunch

My brother and BIL, Jon, drove over from Cambridge today, and we all went out for lunch. There were only 11 of us, quite small for a gathering with my family. We had a lovely time.

My brother, who is loved beyond measure by Lily. Everytime I tried to get a photo he decided they needed to act up.
Again, my brother influencing his niece
My sister is missing from this

All the grown up talk and long winded conversations got quite tedious for the girls but they survived and were taken to the Rec for some fun on the zipline afterwards.

Uncle Andy wearing his daughters pretty scarf
Crazy Auntie Sally
When we got back to Grandpa's house lots more cousins had arrived. The girlies were in heaven.
Lily is rather taken with her newest cousin Taylor, I am too.

I'm really not short it's just my brother in law is really tall.
Honestly they really are a motley crew and not at all trust worthy! I know they are scheming

It always happens when we come here, we bring the warmer weather with us. I really wanted some really cold weather and I had had my fingers crossed for a little snow but it's not happening. We have beautiful blues skies and sunshine. I'm not saying it is hot but it certainly isn't winter.


val said...

I want a turn on the zipline!

Vivian M said...

You should have taken a ride on that zipline too! That looks like fun. :o)

Love all the pictures, you have an awesome family, even if they are all taller than you. ;o)

If you wanted snow, you should have come visited us!

Anonymous said...

thanks all of you for a great day....never before have i seen so many of our family in the same place...sad to have had to come back to cambridge ...still all things must pass.xxbb


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