7 Mar 2012

Are you kidding me

For many years the only time the kids saw the pediatrician was for their well visits. Both girls went a whole year without seeing her.
This is not going to be another year like that. Oh No. It's March and tomorrow morning will mark our 4th visit to the doc. Why you ask? Because when I picked up Lily from school she had virtually lost her voice, had a really sore throat and was running a fever. 10 kids were absent from her class today, all for the same reason.Oh and did I mention her nose is like a faucet. Are you kidding me? She just had strep!

Nothing has changed, they still both get plenty of sleep, their diets are good, they eat fruit and veggies like there is no tomorrow so what's going on? I don't like it at all.

But the real kicker here is that we are flying to England on Friday! GAHHHHHHH. Or at least we are meant to be.

Talking of flying, packing winter clothes is a lot more complicated than summer clothes. They take up a lot more real estate in the suitcase. I started packing this afternoon, before I picked up sicky kid, and before I knew it the case was full and it only had the kids clothes in it. No wonder I detest this aspect of travelling so much.


Mireille said...

For me it is the opposite. We are from the Netherlands, but every time I go back for a break, I am shocked about the language the kids have in Holland! The American school system doesn't allow words to use that those kids use on a regular basis, even at school. So for me I am happy that my kids go to this wonderful American International school system. Much more tame and innocent. The kids in Europe are much more street smart, at least in the Netherlands, I don''t know much about how it is these days in the UK?

val said...

Lets hope she feels better soon. Good luck with the packing....is there room for me???

Pam said...

So how is she feeling now? I hope better! Enjoy your trip.... we are heading to Disney for Emma's first time next week. Email me when you get back. Have FUN!

Briana's Mom said...

I hope she gets better quickly!!

Tammie said...

Hope Miss Lily is feeling well enough for you to all travel!


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