5 Mar 2012

Beam me up Scotty

I have long said I don't want to raise the girls here. That sentiment was compounded this weekend during a long conversation with Lily.

This child is growing up way to fast.

I don't recall exactly how the conversation started but I remember vividly all the things she told me about school. The words that they use, the F bomb for one. These kids are 9 and 10 years old. What are they doing using this word in school. Worse than just the fact that she knows it already is the fact that she told me the kids use it all the time and that it means nothing. Aha, nothing. They just throw it about all the time. Then there were others. Hate is a word that I, well quite frankly, I hate it. I don't use it and don't allow the girls to use it. Lily told me it isn't as bad as I say it is. I then went on to explain hate crimes and how people hate others just for skin colour or religious beliefs and how I cannot tolerate such narrow mindedness.

She understood where I was coming from. She also said her little group doesn't use the F word. I explained how when I hear a child using it I find it pathetic.

We spoke about how her life is going to be filled with conflict for about the next 10 years. She will be pressured by her peers to say and do things that she knows are wrong. Her heart will tell her when it is wrong but it doesn't mean she will listen to it.

We ended it with me explaining that she must always be true to herself and not to others as they may have ulterior motives.

She sadi she does do what she believes in and when people talk about things that she isn't interested in she just walks away.

Beam me up Scotty I am just not ready for this yet. She just isn't old enough. I want a log cabin in the woods where I can keep her safe and PURE. I just want her to be PURE.


Catherine said...

It is sad isn't it? Kids are asked to grow up far too quickly.

I'd like to put Hannah in a bubble but I know it's not practical...I tried! ;o)

Sadly here I've heard kids on the street where I work as young as 3 dropping the F bomb. Shocked me until I heard the parent use it 3 times in a sentence!! Regardless, it saddens me greatly!

Why is swearing so acceptable? Including taking God's name in vain? Why must people swear?

So sorry your Lily is already facing these grown up challenges!

Tammie said...

I hate to say it, but this isn't new. Kids were using these words back in our day too. I don't know why it wasn't as noticeable. Perhaps it is because we are now parents?

Lily is a smart cookie with a good head on her shoulders. It sounds as if she is growing to be a leader rather than a follower.

The word "hate" is just awful. As a kid I'll admit to using it. All the time. Until I grew to adulthood & realized that I really know nothing of hate. Erin started to use that word. David & I have always told her that she doesn't know the true meaning of the word & we hope she never does.

val said...

It is very, very sad! It is a different world now way more open than it used to be. Kids are definitely growing up in a quicker way but not in a mature way. Keep the great relationship you have with your kids going. As long as they can talk to you about anything it will help them find their way. Remember kids learn from their parents!

Love Letters To China said...

When you find that cabin, will you please call me so I can move in next door? So far we haven't heard any of those words used at the kids school. Perhaps because it's a Catholic school and their principal has a no tolerance policy. That being said, I expect my sweet, naive little girl to come home and have the same conversation. I to wish they could just be kids a while longer.


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