4 Mar 2012

This will make them proud.....cringe

I know that their are things that are absolutely acceptable in this country that are not so in the U.K. and vice versa. Since I am British and my family all lives there I have to teach my girls what they can't do at Grandpa's house. The list is very long. At least now that Lily is older she knows what's what and often says when she does something, don't worry I won't do it at Grandpa's.

Rosie asked for a piece of gum today and I gave her some. (growing up in my house gum was taboo I think that is why I'm addicted to the stuff now)
About 2 minutes later this is what I was looking at.

She doesn't understand why her Grandpa won't like it ~ snort.


val said...

Too funny....great bubbles Rosie!

Tammie said...

I'm impressed! I couldn't do bubbles till I was around 9.


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