3 Mar 2012

I actually believe this is the real deal

As you know, Lily joined her swim team the last week of October. She was moved up to the intermediate class shortly thereafter. I know that horse riding is her one true love but swimming is growing on her fast and furiously. There is a little girl on her team who she loves and hence really enjoys being at swimming. They are both very competitive but have fun together.
Lily's coach is an Olympian and he had swimmers in China in 08 and has some heading to London this summer. The man knows his stuff. He was talking to me a while ago and wants Lily to swim more days. She swims 3 but can swim 5. Tis I who does not want 5. It's so unfair on Rosie to be stuck at the side of the pool for that many days and it bloody boring.

Yesterday the coach came to talk to me about Lily (and Paula) moving to the advanced class. This would mean 5 days a week. Apparently Lily is swimming very well. She is swimming a lot better than some of the kids that go five days a week and has great potential. Now I heard this schpeel when Lily did gymnastics at the age of 3. She was great, we need her to join the team, blah blah blah, I saw straight through it. I'm not cynical by nature but that was a ploy for me to pay more money and get her there more often.

It costs the same amount of money for Lily to swim everyday day as it does for her to swim just 1. So money or profit is not the case here. Of course when he hit the competition circuit it will be more expensive but nothing outrageous.

Oh and let me clarify here: I do not have any lofty ideas of Lily being an Olympic swimmer. She is good and can have fun in competition. Nothing has been said at all about her being AMAZING. just a regular kid with great swimming skills who can kick some booty at local competitions.

So after Spring Break I am going to have to put my big girl panties on and sit at the side of a pool 5 freaking days a week. Come April I will be sitting at 2 pools 3 days a week . I need to talk to my Auntie, she did it for years and years and she survived.

Ro and Camilla passing the time. Rosie now packs a big bag of stuck that she lugs with her to the pool each day.
Hmmm, I can only imagine what they are talking about
On your marks....


val said...

I seriously need to come down there & teach you how to knit!

Pam said...

Love the pictures! Guess I know what you will be doing everyday after school next month! Looks like Rosie has friends to play with at least to help pass the time!

Andie said...

I think Mum will tell you the secret was that she wasn't there five days a week, in fact nor were many parents. We managed to share lifts most of the time, meaning that Mum didn't have to be there, only drive us one way.
Team up with another bored Mum, then you can have every day away from the pool!

Vivian M said...

I like Andie's idea....that way you and Rosie can spend some quality time too.

And as long as Lily loves what she is doing, go for it. Whether she becomes an Olympian or not is NOT the reason to do this.


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