2 Mar 2012

Field trip

Today I accompanied Rosie's Pre-K class on a field trip. They went to the Environmental Centre at the local college. She wasn't to concerned about where she went, she just wanted to be sure they were going on a big yellow school bus.

She is finally embracing new things and it is so lovely to see. She was all excited this morning and raring to go. A huge difference from last year.

First thing this morning in her classroom. All smiles and ready to get going
Woo hoo, the school bus is here. I find them quite a novelty also. I travelled to school each day by coach. These buses are disgusting.
Not a creature comfort in sight.
Rosie and her buddy for the day Sebastian. Oh he is the sweetest little guy.
They got to touch all sorts of creepy crawlies.

A hissing cockroach. Yepper, she touched it even though I thought it was a dreadful idea.
A scarlet tarantula. She wanted no part of this guy.
They were all given fish food and we fed turtles and....
big snapping turtles, and
these huge fish
After that it was time for a snack

and then on to the next exhibit. I actually thought this dude was kind of sweet
Rosie, not so much. Every time I look at this photo I laugh. Her face is hilarious
She loved this baby Gator, go figure
Learning about plants

Planting her own seeds.

From there we headed back to the bus. The kiddies were all zonked which can only mean they had a fabulous time. IT was a great experience for them and fun for me to be able to tag along.


val said...

What a difference in Rosie.....she looks so confident! Too bad you didn't live near us....Popster would take her for a ride every day!

Tammie said...

The difference in Rosie from last year to now is nothing short of miraculous. I'm happy to hear that she is more courageous now. And obviously she is braver than I will ever be. Touching bugs? No. Not only would I never do that, but I also wouldn't go on a field trip where bugs were the highligh of the day.

Vivian M said...

I'm with Tammie. And school buses are gross. Kerri says the smell in the bus makes her sick.
Glad you all had a wonderful outing!


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