26 Mar 2012

The swimmer

I love to watch swimmers, swimming the butterfly. It is such a powerful stroke and when done correctly they plough their way through the water with incredible force. Lily isn't there yet but she is getting there. When the older kids are doing "the fly" we have talk a little louder as they make so much noise. I always turn and watch them as many of them are in perfect unison and it was really lovely to see.

Lily is just starting to really heave herself out of the water.

If you click on this photo and then continue to click it it is like a video in slow motion. This was neither my nor her best attempt. ( I was holding my camera sideways for some stupid reason) This is the stroke that I really want to capture urghhhhh. Keep on swimming Lily and I'll keep on trying

She is up quite high here but here arms are all kittywompas. Quite amazing isn't it that suddenly I'm an expert in these matters and use official swimming terms such as kittywompas.


val said...

Kittywompas????? Explain please!

dawn said...

Kittywompas =all over the place, uneven.

val said...

Good...now I have a new word...Doggywompas=Molly's ears when she runs!!!

Andie said...

Yep, never heard of kittywompas either. She's almost there, I think it's to do with the arms and legs timing being just right, but once it clicked for me I could never forget it, even if I haven't got the strength these days.

Vivian M said...

I used to swim competitively once upon a time. Lily has pretty good form, and with lots of practice she will just keep improving. By the way, Pookie has Doggywompas too! ;o)


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