27 Mar 2012

Mother of a teenager

My friend has had to leave the country for a week so I am playing Mummy to her teenage daughter. I think I will be grey and old by the time she comes back. Lets just say "Child" isn't exactly responsible and doesn't show much respect for guidelines, rules and anyone or thing other than herself. But she is really, really good at saying sorry and playing dumb. I was never this selfish when I was young. My parents would have had me hung, drawn and quartered.

We all sat down and laid out the ground rules before my friend left on Sunday and Jacob and I are just here to make sure they are carried out. We are not enforcing any of our own as we are not her parents.

Oh dear god help me please. I noticed a text at 7:08 this morning stating. I have gone home. Call me when you wake up. I rang immediately and "child" said I left at 4.40am cos I didn't feel good and didn't want to wake you.

Are you freaking kidding. You were out driving at 4;40 in the morning in Miami!!!!!!! You are meant to wake me.

Like I said I am going to be old and grey. The worst part in my mind, she told her mother a different story! She said she needed to use a printer. Oh one of those things that we have on our desk? That she asked if she could use last night. Well, maybe they don't work in the middle of the night, I don't know cos I have never tried.

She has to get up really early to get to school on time. Yesterday when I got up at 6 she was still asleep but that might be because she wasn't home when she was meant to be. She did get dressed and ready at warped sped and I met her at the front door with her breakfast ready to go.

I suppose it's a good thing that I am getting a taste of what teenagers are like now so that I can freeze dry Lily and Rose at the age of 10 and then fast forward them and defrost them when they are twenty! At least then only half my head will be gray.

HELP. I'm scared, the teenage years years are looking scary as all hell.


Trish said...

Hi Dawn, yes that's the same Leah and Daisy that you know, small world, they are a beautiful family and wow, to have Leah donate her hair was just priceless to us! Thank you for alawya stopping by to say hi, I am so thankful and blessed to have such wonderful blogging friends! Hugs, Trish

val said...

And so you should be girlfriend! I always tell parents of teenagers not to worry that they do turn back into real humans again one day! Good Luck!

Vivian M said...

OY! At least I am already grey, Kerri took care of that pretty early on. I am so not looking forward to the teens. And I doubt Lily and Rosie will "get away" with anything. Let's just hope the teen behaviour does not rub off on your girls while she is visiting. Oy.

Leah Mei said...

Hi Dawn! I didn't know you were a blogger! And yes, this is the Daisy and Leah you know. We are very proud of her, and although she was a little tense at first about getting her hair cut, she found the courage when she knew she was helping a friend. As for the teen years, all I can say is that our first 2 kids (now in their early 20's) were fairly easy teens. No middle of the night escapades, wild parties or crazy friends. My oldest didn't like doing homework and that was a battle but that was it. I guess we were lucky. Not so sure Leah will be that easy though:)

Polar Bear said...

I don't think you will have to worry much. Teens learn early what they can and can't get away with. The kids who are really good in my class can be monsters in other classes. I hear all of the time, 'they don't act that well in my class'. I keep a tight rein in the beginning, and it keeps everybody ~ especially me happy.

Sounds to me that your houseguest was pushing every button. She knew there would be trouble, or she wouldn't have changed the story. Good Luck!

Tammie said...

Good luck!

It's hard to watch someone else's child knowing your rules differ so vastly from the actual parents' rules.


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