28 Mar 2012

Don't blink

Don't blink. If you do you horrid things will happen. You will go from having a little, itty bitty, child who is this big:
To instantaneously having one that is this big.
Sigh. Lily turns 10 in two months. TEN. HOW?


val said...

oooh pre-teen.....good luck!

Polar Bear said...

Oh My!! Double Digits?!?!? It is so hard to believe!

This makes me nervous. Now I won't be able to sleep or even blink. Nugget is growing up fast enough. If I sleep I might miss something. ;o)

Vivian M said...

Our wait to adopt Kerri seemed like it would never end - and yet we had a quick time of it compared to adoption times today. And now I have to laugh, because I thought time stood still during the wait, and it has been on high speed fast forward ever since she was placed in our arms. I so get this post. I love that you are documenting the time with pictures and posts to look back on some day. :o)

One Happy Mama said...

Sigh is right, I have one of those too. She is almost as tall as me and sassy as me too! She came down the stairs the other morning and I did a double take - whose kid is that? Where's my little Jade?

Mireille said...

We are going through the same pre-teen stage at the same time! Jasmine and Juliet will turn 10 NEXT month! We can support each other :-)

Tammie said...

Double digits. Tweenhood. So not ready for it either.


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