14 Mar 2012

A quiet, cold day.

We spent the day today at my Fathers house. We went out for a walk this morning down into the town and almost froze to death, really we did. This has been the coldest day since we arrived and so much colder than yesterday that I wasn't expecting it. We all took jackets with us to Grandpa's and we needed, coats, boots and hats but we left them at Crazy Auntie Sallys house. This afternoon we ventured out again to the park and spent over 2 hours on the freaking zip line. It did warm us all up.

This evening we all went out for dinner together and by the time we left the restaurant it was 2 degrees. That's cold by most standards but when you live in Florida, it can kill you.

The girls are having fun and Lily is loving the cold, Rosie not so much. The weather just said, "It should be much warmer tomorrow, we think" We think, what the hell is that about? Weather is a science, it's based on facts not guess work. Well, we will wear all of our warm clothes tomorrow just in case he is wrong!

The worst part, without a doubt was the fact that my father and his wife had to go out for a few hours and the house was so cold that my teeth were chattering. I nearly rang my sister and asked her to bring over our coats.

A couple of photos of the girls playing in the garden during a 20 minute span when the sun actually shone.

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val said...

You need to "thicken" up your blood!

I need to see more pics of your father's garden....it looks so cool!!


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