13 Mar 2012

I've seen London, I've seen France....

That is the little song that Lily is singing tonight but of course she is saying, I've seen London I've seen France I've seen Sally in her underpants (just makes me giggle). She has been to London before but she was little and doesn't remember it she does remember France though. We took the girls to London for the day today and I can't even put into words how much fun we had.

I think my sister should get a job as a personal tour guide, she was amazing and crammed so much into a few hours. The girls will talk about this day for many years to come. We took the train down, which in and of itself is huge excitement and then we hopped onto the tube and headed to Tower Hill where we visited the Tower of London and saw the Crown Jewels. I am sure we saw lots of other things to and learnt an awful lot but I was so taken by seeing the worlds largest diamond that I have forgotten everything else. Sadly no cameras were allowed in the jewel house.

After a lovely lunch at the tower we headed back on the tube, destination, Westminster. No sooner had we climbed the steps to the street level we were greeted by a view of the London Eye. I wish I had a photo of Lily's face as it was priceless, she was so happy to see it and at this point had no idea we were going on it. My sister told me to turn around as there was a clock right behind me that might look familiar, it was Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. I could have stayed at the very spot just staring at London and all it's majesty for hours. I love my country. I had no time to gawk we were heading to the ticket office for Eye tickets.

Once that marvel was completed we headed back on the Tube and headed for St James Park. A quick stroll up the street and we were greeted by Buckingham Palace. Here I had to pick Lily's chin up off of the floor. Rosie on the other hand wanted to know why we weren't going in and why the Queen wasn't coming out to say, "hi".

From there we zoomed back to the Tube and then the railway station to head home. Rosie fell asleep within minutes of getting on the train and Lily was so tired. Oh my word we had the most fantastic day.
I have so many photos to share but that would bore you to tears so I will just show a few.

Starting our journey

Next step of the way
the Tower of London
weather vane in the tower
THe girls with Peter, our Yeoman
the jewel room. My favourite place in the world
locked up in the tower
Tower Bridge
Trinity Garden
Lily acting like a regular commuter by standing up
Big Ben ( the sun was impossible to work with today the sky was grey and the sun blinding
London Eye
Happy girls
view from the Eye
Us on the Eye
Crazy Auntie Sally
BIg Ben and the Houses of Parliament....circa Charles Dickens era. Look at all the fog.

When I saw this Beefeater wearing that drab old gray coat I thought he was in mourning but Sally pointed out it's his winter caot. I think it's a bit drab and am thinking of telling the Queen it's fugly
At the gates of Buckingham Palace

Aha, the flag was at full mast so she was home.
I never get tired of seeing this

My niece also came with us but she is a camera dodger!


val said...

The Queen definitely missed out by not meeting you all & yes that uniform needs to be updated....big time! I loved everyone of the pics!

Vivian M said...

Love it! The views are spectacular.

Molly's Mum said...

Great! Now I am even more homesick xxxx


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