12 Mar 2012

Out for a walk

Today was a shopping day. I probably shop more in the few days that I am here than I ever do at home but this was Lily's idea. One of the supermarkets over here has the biggest shopping trolleys that we have ever seen, they seat 4 kids, and she wanted to go in one and also eat at McD*onalds. Neither of my girls can eat Micky D's in the States it makes them both violently ill, so this is a huge treat. It tastes so different over here. I did all of the shopping that I needed to do and it was still earlier enough in the day to go out for a really nice walk.

We went to Salcey Forest and walked the Tree Top trail. It was gorgeous. I think the thing I miss most about living over here is the beautiful countryside and lets not forget the chocolate but that's a whole other post. I hadn't realised until today that Rosie has never seen mud. I know it is a bit odd but we live in Miami and it isn't muddy there, ever. Luckily I had both the girls wear their welllies, I wore mine too. A little story behind my wellies: these were my wellies when I was a teenager. For some reason, and I expect it was because they were in his barn as opposed to the house, my Father kept them. He told me many years ago that he had them and I told him to pitch them but he didn't and I wore them once when we went salmon fishing in Scotland about 15 years ago and I wore them again today. I stopped at his house and asked if he had them and he produced them. It makes me laugh. They are getting a bit old now but then again I have had them for 30 + years. I think they are a true testament to the quality of Hunters.

As you can see Rosie was rather thrilled at the idea of walking in mud.
I suddenly thought to video her doing it and asking her what she thought about it all but things didn't go as planned. I forgot to tekk her that mud is sticky and her boots would stick to it.

Good thing Auntie Sally has a good washing machine. LOL
I actually washed everyones wellies tonight as they were really disgusting.

The lower trail
Getting ready to walk up the trail.

At the top of the trailOur view down, very far down
Tree top trail
My sister noticed all of these frogs as we were heading back to the car. Yuck is all I can say.
Silly BIL didn't wear his wellies and rolled his trousers up. My sister thought it was hilarious.

We had such a good time. By the time we headed back to the car it was getting dark-ish and really cold. All of us had red rosy cheeks and really cold hands it felt so good.

I can hardly wait for tomorrows adventures I am so excited.


Vivian M said...

Love this post! I can see why you love and miss your country so much. You had me at chocolate, though. :o)

val said...

I have never been there & it looks like so much fun,,,,next visit home we'll have to go! Poor Rosie...a little english mud never hurt anyone!

Enjoy the chocolate!

Alyson and Ford said...

We have only been once, but miss your country too! Have a wonderful time with your family!

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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