14 Mar 2012

I'm being judgemental again

Just down the street from my sisters house is a rather large home with big wrought iron gates with dreadfully pretentious gold horse heads slapped in the middle of them. Way, way beyond their house and garden is a paddock and in this paddock is a pretend horse that is life sized and saddled up. Seriously WTF? My sister had told us about it and I wanted to see it for myself so we took a quick drive down the road and to the top of the hill where I could clearly see this "thing". Now I am going to MAKE her go and knock on their door and see what the hell they are thinking. Damn she just said she won't go to a strangers door as they might have a dog. If they do it's probably stuffed too, silly girl!

There doesn't appear to be any "real" horses anywhere on the property.


Vivian M said...

Maybe they get a discount on taxes if the land is used for farming or horses, like in North Florida? Hey, some people drive in the HOV lane with dummies, so why not a fake horse to fool the tax guys? Or maybe that was their favorite horse and they had it stuffed, poor thing.

val said...

Vivian maybe spot on!!!

Andie said...

Love the idea, a cheap way to own a horse. Think of the benefits, no food, no vets bills, you don't have to exercise it, you can leave it when you go away. It will never die, might need a lick of paint now and then though.

It's just like not having a horse!

Briana's Mom said...

Yikes! That is pretty freaky!!!

Johnny said...

It would be hilarious and creepy if they had mannequins of people in riding gear on the grounds.

I know Brits can be a bit stiff, but even the horses?!


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