18 Mar 2012

Out with a bang

Since we really had a fantastic Spring Break we wanted it to end with a bang for the kidlets so we took then to a place we despise, The Dade County youth Fair. They loved it. It was surprisingly empty and due to intermittent cloud cover not to terribly hot. jacob and I rode the rides with them, we played silly midway games with them and ate a few elephant ears with them. Rosie commented, " I had no idea that ears could taste this good". No, we didn't tell her they were not real Elephant ears, she'll figure it out on her own by the time she's 30, just like I did.

This was the first ride we went on. note the happy faces
those happy faces changed a bit by the time we got to the top of this hill.
Lily flying down Niagara Falls
Daddy took Lily into the house of mirrors and this was the only way out.
Baby Llama, no more of your Llama drama
one little girl in heaven
Firefighter Rose
Love this photo
I think they liked it!

Look at her face here, it's priceless. We finally convinced her to go on a ride by herself.
The absolute best part of the fair, the elephant ears. Having to wait for them to cool down is the worst part of the fair.

There was a very special attraction at the fair but it deserves it's own post.

I can't believe we are full speed ahead now to summer vacation. Only a few more weeks of school left. This year truly shot by. This is the toughest part of the year for them. Lily has her FCAT's and there are very few days off from here on out. It's daft how all the teachers work days are done as this is the part when the kids are fried and could really do with a break and I am sure the teachers could too. Oh well, buckle up cos here comes summer.


val said...

Ooooooh I just love that....me hungry! BTW we call it pizza-frit!

Love Letters To China said...

Love your pics of the fair. Especially the one of J. coming down the slide. ;-)

We don't have spring break until the week after Easter (Catholic school). I'm looking forward to a break from the usual day-to-day drama.

I can't believe summer is almost here. Even though it's felt like it never left due to the weather being so darn hot. Lets make plans to get the kids (and mommies) together for a play date during the summer vaca.

Polar Bear said...

What a fun day!

I really enjoyed all of your posts from your trip! What a great visit!!

I can't believe we only have a few more weeks of school. Our spring break isn't for two weeks. Time is going to fly!

franymag said...

The pic of Jacob and the girls coming down the slide is fantastic! Love it and the big smiles on their faces!! :)


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