19 Mar 2012


For some odd reason blogger is not co-operating to day and it is placing the photos below the Link Within so you will have to scroll down to see them.

A few days before we left, Rosie's teacher sent home a note stating that a piece of Rosie's art was being displayed at the Dade County Youth Fair. We knew we were going to have to go and see it.

I asked Rosie what it was and she told me it was, 3 little pigs. Off we went into the Exhibitor Hall and searched through 1,000's of drawings looking for the 3 little pigs. An attendant came up over and asked what we were looking for and as I turned to tell her I noticed even more "stuff" hanging from the ceiling. As I was talking to her I kept looking up and there, high above my head, was Rosie's Batik banner. There were no pigs at all she got that part completely wrong.

Rosie's is the yellow one to the far right.
I think it is really pretty
You can just make out her name
Oh la la, she won a ribbon.

I really like it, the banner not the ribbon, and hope it somehow makes it's way back to school and then to us.

She was so proud of herself.


val said...

And so she should be....way to go Rosie! Love your choice of colors...so bright & cheery!

Polar Bear said...

That's AWESOME!!!

Way to go, Rosie!!!!

Alyson and Ford said...

Very,very cool! (I am trying to figure out all the new blogger features too; I hate change!!)

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Andie said...

I Love the way you were looking for pigs! At least you found it.

Anonymous said...

erm...very good ..congratulations.....it is an artist perogative to have a whimsical title......is it still called 3 little pigs or has it been renamed?.xxxbb

Vivian M said...

I love the three little pigs banner! Congrats Rosie on First Place!

Tammie said...

Way to go Rosie! I love your little pigs!

franymag said...



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