16 Mar 2012


How can I really still be in the same day?

My sister drove us to the airport early this morning and sadly it was an uneventful drive. She didn't get lost once! We said some quick, see you later's and headed through security.

We followed our usual routine and then once our gate was on the board we headed towards it. at least we thought we had but I had read part of one line and part of another and we were waiting in line with boarding passes in hand to board the Virgin flight. Oppps. For those of you who have never been to Heathrow, its a very long way from gate 18 to 32. We ran the whole way.

Shortly after we got off of the plane we realised that a Mrs Doubtfire look a like had been sitting next to Lily and all 3 of us started to laugh and couldn't stop. This lady even had the same sort of tights and shoes as Mrs. Doubtfire. She wasn't at all chatty on the flight so we didn't pay much attention to her but she could have been a body double for her.

Profile photo of Mrs Doubtfire. She even walked the same way.


val said...

Welcome home! Welcome to jet lag!

Molly's Mum said...

ROFL that is so funny xx


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