28 Feb 2012

Repeat, repeat, repeat w/ a side of controversy

Today was Rosie's turn to receive an award at school. Last month both girls received Student of the Month, Lily received Honor Roll and Perfect Attendance and this was Rosie's turn for the Perfect Attendance Award. Since Rosie isn't graded yet by the standard system this is the only other award that she can receive.

The Assistant Principal was the M.C. and she really got the little ones involved. She started by asking if anyone knew why we were here today. A little boy near the back said he did and jumped up and ran to the mic' where he announced very loudly, "I don't know". Hilarious. Ditto the exact same results with boy number 2. She asked one more time and I saw this really tiny little girl make her way to the front. I absolutely couldn't believe my eyes, it was Rosie. My shy, meek, scaredy cat of a kid was making her way to the microphone. I didn't have time to grab the video cos I was picking my chin up off of the floor. With a very loud and clear voice she said, "we are here today because, I don't know either". She made everyone giggle and I was really proud of her. She did know why she was there and when I questioned her later she said she forgot!

The ceremony commenced once everyone stopped laughing.

Waiting for the assembly to start
Checking Mummy is looking at her
Her best George W impression. (her award is upside down)
With her teacher and the other kidlets from her class.

Now for what I am sure will be a controversial commentary.

I think these awards that they give to the kids for things like perfect attendance and grades are rubbish. We live in such a self centred society where everything is about, me, me, me. Kids are meant to go to school EVERY DAY. They are meant to get good grades, whether they are A B or C students. The grades shouldn't make them superior. Lily knows what her best is and as along as she gives it 100% that's acceptable.

Surely by rewarding kids for every little thing that they do will only make this a more egocentric society. When these kids get a job in the real world they are going to be really namby pamby and require a pat on the back every 2 minutes. For God's sake, we have to work. It's a job, we have to perform and other than the chance of promotion and outstanding service or performance we shouldn't need a pat on the back and an atta' boy every five minutes. Life is tough and it's not about to get easier for our kids as they enter the world. We need to stop molly coddling them and make 'em Man Up a bit.

I spend a lot of time building my girls up but not to the point where they won't be able to get through a day without constant praise. I also bring them back down to reality. It's my job as their Mum.

I think the character value awards are a good idea. Reward a child for something special that they displayed but for being at school every single day? Frankly I find that to be Bullsh*t. They are meant to be at school every single day, it's their job!


Catherine said...

We won't be into the school rewards thing for a couple of years but what you've said made me think. You're right about the attendance thing.

Also, I love the character awards as it rewards kids for showing compassion and care to their fellow students. That's what should be rewarded.

While honor roll awards are good, I would also like to see (they may even exist) some sort on incentive reward for a child who shows improvement. I went through the majority of my schooling as a high C, low B kind of student. But awards were never for me as I wasn't that 'A' kid. In some ways kids who struggle with school (or, don't have parents who take an interest in helping them - which was not my challenge) can feel worse about themselves when the same kids are rewarded month after month even though they're doing the very best they can to maintain a 'C' average.

OK, stepping off my soap box. :o)

dawn said...

I agree with you Catherine. The ones who make great strides should be noticed. If a kid can get an A with her eyes closed and hands tied behind her back, she isn't exactly working hard but the kid who goes from a "c" to a B+ or above is working darned hard and deserves recognition ..........but not every 2 weeks!

val said...

Way to go Rosie!

Now I'll put in my two cents. To set the scene I have to add something you may not know. My son remarried about 6 years ago so my granddaughter has a "new sister" only a few months younger than her who maintains a 96-97+ average without batting an eye. Jessie, on the other hand, maintains a 95-96 average but has to work extremely hard to do so. They are both juniors in high school so are on the honor roll but each of them got there in a different way.

I have to agree with both of you kids today expect a reward for everything they do & will have a hard time in the real world! I think hard work should be rewarded regardless of whether it's for an A or a C!

PS I meant way to go Rosie for going up in front of everyone!

Vivian M said...

Ditto, ditto, ditto!!!

Congrats Rosie on your reward, and for being so brave as to go speak in front of a crowd (that is very courageous and hard even for some of us grown ups to do!). We are very proud of you for taking a risk and stepping out of your comfort zone.

Andie said...

Well done Rosie, perhaps she'll be a stand-up comedienne one day?

Well said Dawn, I agree totally. I'm fed up with meeting adults, all over the globe who think it's better to survive on benefits because they are too good to work for the minimum wage.
Then they complain that people from other countries are taking their jobs. Not all countries bring up their children with the same attitudes. Think I'd better stop there!

Tammie said...

Wow! Rosie going up in front of people is a big thing. Way to go!!

I have been saying for years that giving children &/or people awards "for breathing" is ridiculous. Children are expected to attend school & do their best as adults are expected to go to work & do their best. Why reward what a person is supposed to do? I haven't figured it out.

An award for perfect attendance is really not fair. Why? Religious discrimination. The Christian world gets their holy days off while people who celebrate other religions don't. Erin stands to miss up to 3 days per year just based upon our religion.

Awards for good grades? Nice but we already know those kids are doing well - whether it comes easily or they have to work at it. My daughter struggles daily for her grades. We assure her that as long as she gives it her all, we are proud.

Character trait awards are what count in my opinion. I'm thrilled to say that in Erin's school the Character Awards are given as much attention as the Honor Roll & Attendance awards. The teachers have to vote on which students receive them. I was thrilled when Erin's teachers called me last year to tell me that she had won for responsibility & could I please make the time to attend. Uh, yeah. I was there - camera & all.


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