29 Feb 2012

Another sign they are growing up

Neither of my girls had much hair when they were little. Lily really didn't have any at all until she was four. Rosie's grows much faster but it is so thin and flyaway that you can't do anything with it. Lily's is now long and thick. It's the long part that is making me crazy but she decided after hearing about how kids that get treated for cancer lose their hair and having met a little girl going through chemo, that she wants to grow her hair to donate it.

Locks of Love, the biggest of the organisations that makes wigs for kids has earned itself a bad rap recently as they sell more hair than they use to make wigs. They have lots of reasons/excuses but they are losing ground. Pantene now has a program, they are partnering with the American Cancer Society and the hair needs to be eight inches long. Wigs for Kids is also a great program but the donation needs to be 12 inches long. Lily wants to work with Wigs for Kids. Groan. Do you realise how long her hair will be before she can cut it? BLECH. I am not a hair person. I particularly don't like long hair on little kids.

Not much I can do about it though as her heart is in the right place.

When they were little I always went to a kids salon for their haircuts and then Lily decided she was to old so we started going to just a chain of hairdressing salons but each time we got someone different and they never spoke English and it was getting to be a right hassle. Yesterday I finally had a brainwave and took them to Jill, my hairdresser for the past 10 yrs. They know Jill and she knows them. It was perfect. They got the whole salon treatment, sat as still as statues, well Rosie not so much and we left really happy.

Rosie wants her hair to be as long as Lily's. I told Jill to just take the ends off of Rosies and then held up my fingers to show her how I really meant at least an inch! That child just can't have long hair yet, it's to flyaway.

They just look so grown up in these photos in the big black capes. I kinda miss the itty bitty kiddy ones. Sigh.


val said...

Kudos to Lily.....her heart is in the right place!

Tammie said...

I'm so very proud of Lily for making this commitment even though I'm not surprised. Your girl has such a big heart.


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