27 Feb 2012

Crazy old lady

I am writing this post because if I don't Lily or Jacob will.

On Saturday afternoon I ran to Ann Tayl0r L0ft to see if they had anything that I might actually like, for that evening. With Lily and Rosie as critics I tried on forty billion outfits and either felt, short, fat, frumpy, not nice etc etc until we all agreed that one outfit was perfect. I am not a clothes shopper. I wear my stuff forever. If I like something I buy it in every colour. That's just how I roll.

After whipping my dress on and off forty billion times so that I could go back out to the sales floor and find more possibilities I put it back on for the last time and headed towards the registers. Did I want to open and credit card, did I find everything OK, you no the shpeel. I handed over some money and we went directly outside to my car and (thankfully) headed straight home.

After being home for about 15 minutes Lily came over for a hug and stopped for a second and announced, Mummy, your dress looks weird.

I looked down and to my utter horror realised it was inside out. OMG! In my defence it is an easy dress to wear inside out and after whipping it on and off forty billion times I really wasn't paying attention, I was fried.

This is what the lady waiting behind me in line got to read
this is what the cashier was looking at
this is how I thought I looked....GAH

According to my husband and oldest daughter: It's official, I am a crazy old lady who wears her clothes inside out in PUBLIC.


val said...

LOL! That's it....you rank right up there with me! The crazy old lady who wears two different shoes to work!

Love Letters To China said...

That's hysterical!

Vivian M said...

I wonder if you will ever go back to that store, lol.

Love your dress, it looks nice inside out! Hey Celine Dion wore a suit backwards once, and Helena Bonham Carter wore mismatched colored shoes, so I think you are just forward thinking and starting your own fashion craze! ;o)

Polar Bear said...

You always make me giggle!

Anonymous said...

See told you she does wear odd stuff in the street x x Still love you sis

Anonymous said...

Your bits and pieces I have just read made me cry. God I miss you all x


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