1 Feb 2012

The musician

I am not musically inclined, not even a little bit. Nope, can't even carry a tune in a bucket.

Rosie loves musical instruments. Plays a piano every chance she gets. has been begging for a drumset for a couple of years. Loves to sing. The list goes on.

I did not however say she was musical though.

The girls love that song, the one playing in the background and sing it word for word all the time. What I didn't expect was for Rosie to start adding her own assistance.


val said...

Oh My! I see an american idol in the making. She definitely "kicked it up a notch" when she realized she was being videoed! She is adorable.

Love Letters To China said...

What a way to start my day...with a great big smile on my face! She is so cute Dawn. I definitely think Rosie is a budding musician.

I have to tell you, Mark loves that song and continually plays the video on youtube. He bought me the cd for xmas. I like the song but the words are so depressing.


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