2 Feb 2012

Last day with a four year old

Tomorrow our baby girl turns 5.

I really can't believe that she is 5. She is just still so tiny and little that she can easily pass as 3 but I can't deny it, this is her last day of being 4.

Rosie has truly grown so much mentally this year. She has found a little confidence. Not a huge amount but enough to make her brave and willing to try new situations. I marvelled at her a couple of weeks ago as she boldly marched on to her stage at school to receive an award without me gently pushing her on. At swimming she will walk to the end of the bleachers and sit with her friend Camille, just the 2 of them, I don't have to go. These are big steps for her. She is still quite shy and when she talks to people she would march rather look at her feet than them but we are working on it.

She is incredibly loving and sweet but has a sassy streak that can knock your socks off. She loves Lily beyond measure and holds her in high esteem. If Lily can do it she can to especially if Lily is right there with her. Family is of utmost importance to her and just this evening in a sobbing little voice she told me that she doesn't ever want to get married and have to live in a different house.

She also got very sad this morning when I gleefully pointed out to her that it was her last day of being 4. She started to cry and told me she would miss 4 because she liked it alot. Kidlet does not like change of.any.kind.

Rosie you have a heart of gold. Sometimes I don't know how you squeeze a heart so big into your little tiny body. We love you so much, up to the moon and back.

Tonight I can't help but think of her birthparents. I just hope that they know, somehow, that the little tiny girl with the heart condition that they left at a hospital in Maonan is loved, safe and full of life. I want them to know that we will be forever grateful to them for allowing us to be her parents.


val said...

Oh boy....get out the kleenex again! So sweet. Just knowing Rosie through your blog I can see her growing & changing. As LiLi would say she's to be getting to be a "big girl" now!

Anonymous said...

Guitar and drums....goodness a one person band..........she will be busking yet!!!!!
Happy Birthday Rosie...love uncle colin.xxxxx

Vivian M said...

Happy birthday Rosie!!!

val said...

I had to come back to watch the video....I just love the change of subject about the thumb sucking! Just like LiLi. I'll have to send Popster down there cus LiLi will not suck her thumb in front of him!

Love Letters To China said...

Happy Birthday Rosie!!!

She is absolutely the cutest thing ever!! I loved how she said she wasn't going to stop sucking her thumb. I have an almost 5 yr old who feels the exact same way. :-)

Hope she had a wonderful day.

Polar Bear said...

Oh Melt-My-Heart!!!
I hope she got the two dollies with squeakies and the drum set. How can you say no to that sweetness!!

I hope year 5 is your best year yet, Rosie!!!

Andie said...

I've only just watched this with my headphones on in the library, it's lovely. I'll have to tell Richie Rich!


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