3 Feb 2012

4 no more

Rosie woke us up quite early this morning and wanted to know if she was 5 yet. When she found at that she was there was just no stopping her. Right before she went to sleep last night she asked me if I had bought her a present yet and if I hadn't when was I going to do it? I told her I thought we would go out in the morning and get something. She thought that was a terrible idea as she would know what she was getting. I told her I was sorry.

Hah! This morning when she came downstairs she was greeted by this:

There are 2 helium balloons floating above the picture and she was beyond thrilled. Then she stopped and thought and said, you left us home alone and went shopping? No little bean, I bought this a few days ago and hid it all away so that we could surprise you this morning. Such a funny girl.

She wasted no time tearing into her prizes.

For breakfast she had pancakes with a musical candle on. She was basking in the birthday glory.

After breakfast we headed out for what would turn out to be a very busy day.

The first thing we noticed was just how big the garden pests had grown.
This snail is big enough to ride

After defending the world from over sized bugs Rosie tried her hand at being a firefighter
And a city of Miami Moterman
They were really unsuitable professions for her so she tried to be a vet
and put her sister in a cage
Later we were attacked by pirates and they put Lily in the stockade
But all was well cos Rosie took over the ship and sailed them to safety
but then she realised she was a pirate as well and declared Mutiny
Lily found friendship in a pirate, ahoy matey.
Once she had her sea legs she switched vessels and went out for some fishing
Rosie stayed on land for her fishing expedition
Once the boats were docked we headed to Publix for a few groceries

Rosie likes her milk fresh
After a good lunch and a trip to the dairy they took a couple of boats out for a spin
they docked at a very odd island whose inhabitants are the strangest looking mutants I have ever seen

They decided to keep the native mutants happy with a shadow puppet show

Once we were free of the island and it's odd inhabitants we headed for the Teddy Bear Museum.

The museum was in an exotic location and they stopped for a while to learn to play the steel drums.
With their musical bones warmed up they went on to the recording studio
Rosie sang kareoke but what she didn't know is once we were outside the room and hit "the" button we could hear her. She was singing Dancing Queen ~ hilarious.
we finished the afternoon with them doing some arts and crafts. They made lion puppets
Tonight we were meant to be having a birthday dinner but Daddio is under the weather so it was postponed. In this house you never postpone dessert.

Wow Rosie, that's a lot of fire.
No worries you can blow them out.

Happy 5th birthday Rosie. So glad it turned out to be such an adventure.


val said...

Happy Birthday Rosie!!! Looks like a fun day. Did she get her drums?

Vivian M said...

Awesome birthday! Hope Daddy feels better soon!

Tammie said...

Oh my! You folks sure know how to celebrate birthdays! Looks like a spectacular day!

I hope Jacob is feeling better now.

Polar Bear said...

Happy Be-lated Birthday, Rosie!!!

It looks like you had a perfect day!!
I can't believe you are five. Wow!!


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