4 Feb 2012

We're not

As some of you are digging out from all the snow, that would be my family in the UK, we are not. Today was a blissfully gorgeous day that demanded we be outside. Both girls helped me wash my car this morning and then wash anything else that they could find. Our plants are squeaky clean now.
Both girls wanted to go out for a bike ride so we went to get their bikes and one ended up with a pogo stick and the other her bike?? Then the other got her scooter and at no time were both kids on bikes. It was a strange ride indeed.


val said...

Oh that looks like so much fun.....love Rosie's outfit!

dawn said...

Ha, Val that is what she always wears to wash the car. It was used one time for a school play when she was the Elf. After that it remained in her drawer and only comes out for clean up days.


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