19 Feb 2012

Knitting fool

Yesterday afternoon, before Rosie decided to feel icky, we spent some time with my friend Jakie and one of her daughters. Since her girls are now teenagers jakie decided to clean out her craft closet and give the entire contents to my girls. To Lily's total joy one of the projects was a Learn to Knit set. She was thrilled about it.

Last night we didn't even unpack all of the "stuff" cos Rosie felt so crummy but after I put her to bed Lily went in search of the knitting needles. My Mum was a fantastic knitter. After many attempts to teach me she sat me in front of a mirror and gave it one last shot. I am left handed so I would hold everything the opposite way and it drove her insane that I couldn't figure out what she was doing and she couldn't figure out how to teach me. The mirror trick was successful. I never really learnt more than putting a few stitches on and doing a few rows.

Last night Lily sat down with the instructions and her needles and yarn. Her Nannie taught her a few years ago but she hasn't been near any knitting in a couple of years. she asked me to show her what to do. We laughed and laughed. You see, if I don't think about what I am doing I can just do it but the second I tried to show her I forgot what to do. I was casting on and then after 4 stitches lent over to show her what to do and my brain went numb and I couldn't do it. I was just winding yarn around a needle?

We finally figured it all out and she was off.

Don't expect a scarf anytime soon. It took 2 hours for her to do 60 stitches

Look at her proud little face
Probably not how you are meant to hold your needles.
the concentration. At one point her knitting was so tight she couldn't get the stitches off one needle and on to the other.

Love this face. This was when she had a millimetre between her needles and they got stuck. Not sure how to get less tension. Guess I better google it.


val said...

Love the the concentration! Wish I could scoot down & help her. Very common for beginners to make it too tight Give her big needles to begin with......she'll get better at it!

Anonymous said...

as above, but also leave the yarn loose around the needle rather than pull it tight...yep mummy also taught me how to knit.xxbb

Nannie said...

Well done Lily, keep at it, practise makes perfect.
Hugs xxx

Vivian M said...

I cannot knit or crochet....so well done Lily! I bet you will be a pro in no time with a little practice. :o)


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