18 Feb 2012

5 year well visit

This morning I took Rosie to the pediatrician for her 5 yr old check up. I wish I had taken my camera because when she had her hearing tested she looked like a little rock star in a recording studio it was hilarious.

Anyhoo, the kids is as healthy as a horse and growing big, this was said with a little cough. She is finally firmly embedded on the American charts and stands in the 25th percentile for height and the 10th percentile for weight. Barbara, who is my friend, couldn't help but giggle at those stats. She still would really like her to put on a few pounds but is no longer at all concerned as Rosie is no longer frail. Not bad for a kid labelled "failure to thrive" 4 years ago.

She had to have a blood test which came back clean and clear, ditto her urinalysis. She needed a couple more catch up shots and she is a year behind on a couple of them.

Her stats at five years are as follow:

Weight 34.75 lbs
Height 41.5 inches

Last year she weighed 30. lbs and was 39.5 inches.

I could have sworn she has grown at least 4 inches but I guess she has only grown these 2 and it just looks like a lot more when I put her in clothes that are suddenly way to short.

Barbara strongly suggested a flu shot since we are leaving on a jet plane soon and heading somewhere cold. Since both the girls
were with me she suggested we do both today. Lily freaked out. For sometime now she has been very nervous about shots and I think that since this was RoRo's visit and not hers she was 100% shocked by the idea. She totally wigged and ended up in a panic over the idea. Barbara left us alone to talk and came back a few minutes later and asked me to step outside the room. They had just received a new shipment of flu shots this week but only had one left. What did I want to do. I had already told Lily she WAS getting one and but couldn't expect her to take one when it was Rosie's visit yet I couldn't back down. I said to forget and we would go back when she had more. The nurse then came in to give Rosie her DTAP and Lily just fell apart. She cried and cried and buried her face in my chest and couldn't even look and it wasn't even her getting the shot.

Barbara came back in and talked to Lily. She told her that everyone is scared of something and that it is OK but she wants to help her overcome it. So we are going to start working to get Lily over this fear. She was truly petrified and even though she knows it is completely irrational she can't control it. I spent many many years of my life being petrified of dogs, to the point I would stop breathing until I passed out, (that only happened once) so I know how she feels and I know I have to get her through this, and I will.

Back to Rosie, she decided that she would be the 1 in 4 kids who gets a nasty reaction to her shot and her arm is really swollen, red and painful and she has a fever of 103.4 so I dosed her up with M0trin and she is asleep. Brighter days ahead.


Andie said...

I thought Rosie looked a lot taller too!

val said...

She is growing....just slowly. LiLi's stats at 5 are what Rosie were last year's!! Except she finally made it to 30lbs but lost 2 so is now back down to 28lbs! Good luck with Lily's fear of shots...it's a tough one to crack but I'm sure you'll do it!

Tammie said...

Wow! Yay to Rosie for getting on & staying on the American charts! She has definitely grown & from the looks of her last Saturday, she definitely is no longer frail. (Now, if only her buddy Erin would get on the American charts. Heck! She's just barely on the Chinese charts.)

I truly understand Lily & her fear of needles. I was much the same way. In fact, while I'm not as bad as I used to be, it's still hard.

Love Letters To China said...

Congrats to Rosie!!! She does look a lot bigger to me too.

Tell Lily she's not alone on this one. Natalie freaked out when her doctor told her she needs to get blood drawn this time around. We haven't even gone to the lab to do it and she cried the entire way home from her well check last week. I'm dreading bringing her there. When both of my kids had their flu shots Natalie had to be held down because she was hysterical (kicking and screaming). When you figure out a way of helping Lily, please share. :-)

Vivian M said...

Please tell me you are coming here to visit me! ;o)

Kerri took awhile to catch up to the charts too, but now she is totally on the American chart system (and is outgrowing that one too, ugh).

Give the girls a huge hug from us, shots are no fun.


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