20 Feb 2012

Happy Forever Day, Rosie

Happy Forever day Rosie.
Four years ago today we woke up early and wondered how we were going to keep ourselves busy until 2pm when we were going to the Civil Affairs Office, in Guandong Province to finally meet our baby girl.
Our youngest daughter, Lily's baby sister and cousin Andies newest cousin. We were all eager, all nervous and one of us particularly hyper. We spent the morning walking around Shamian Island browsing this and that and finally returned to the White Swan for lunch at their little cafe. We were all quite jiggy by this time and we took photos of the three of us for the last time. We finished lunch, went back up to our room and all got gussied up for the big event. There wasn't much gussing to be done by me as the laundry that we had delivered the day before came back wet and dirty so I was left with only one choice of clean clothes. Lily had a beautiful new dress and a pink ribbon for her hair that matched her new pink shoes. Jacob wore his red shirt.
Andie appeared at our door and it was time to meet downstairs for the drive to the Civil Affairs Office. I remember the bus ride as if was yesterday. Jacob video taped the four of us and I remember telling him that I was feeling happy, scared, nervous and over the moon all at once. He then turned to Andie and asked how she felt and she said she was nervous. He asked her why and I answered, she's scared that we are going to fall apart and she's going to have to do it all. We all laughed. Lily was coughing a little on the bus but I didn't give it a second thought.
We were finally there. Oh the feeling that sweeps over you in indescribable. We all walked in together, chatting, nervously giggling and looking at our respective partners for support. Lily was ready, we all were and it finally happened. A tiny little baby dressed in many layers of clothes due to the brutally cold weather was coming towards us in the arms of her nanny. Her little face was finally there in front of our eyes. The face we had fallen in love with 4 months ago. Lily touched her first. Andie manned the cameras and I just stood there staring in disbelief that my baby was finally about to be in my arms. I would be able to touch her, kiss her, smell her in mere seconds.
Oh how she cried, her heart was broken and how we cried, our hearts were finally whole.
Now 4 years later our little girl is still very shy. She still needs assurance before she tries anything new but as long as I am with her she can take on the world. 4 years ago she would have done anything possible to get back to her nannies and now she will do anything to never have to leave us. She tells me all the time she will never leave me, she won't get married and if she does her husband will live with us too. She will go to college but I am going as well.
She knows how loved she is but better than that she loves us too.
It was a tough road for her at first and I never thought I would be able to celebrate her Forever Day but we can now because she is starting to understand her story.
We love you Rosie and that will never ever change

That life changing moment.
This is Rosie, still in the HTS orphanage shortly before Gotcha Day
Playing with her nanny
Tiny baby, wearing the same socks that she wore in her referral photos.


val said...

Oh Boy...where's the tissues! Happy Forever day to Rosie & her forever family.

Love Letters To China said...

So precious! Happy Forever Day Rosie!!!

Candy said...

Brought tears to my eyes. Happy Forever Day!

Catherine said...

Congratulations! 4 amazing years together!!

Vivian M said...

Happy Forever Family Day!!! It is so amazing how fast time flies once they come home (but how the wait seemed forever).


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