14 Jan 2012

Party girls

The girls were invited to a birthday party this afternoon and were looking forward to it. As the day grew closer I asked Lily if she wanted to stay with her Goo Goo and I would take Rosie for one hour. She thought that was a simply dreadful idea and wanted to go. As of this morning she was still as white as a ghost.

It was a really cool yet sunny day here today and I honestly thought some fresh air would do Lily some good. I told her we would go but only stay for an hour. She perked up so much and finally got some colour back in her cheeks. We stayed longer, 3 hours in fact. She looked better this afternoon than she has in days.

We came home and I made some corn chowder and we all baked cookies. They are fast asleep now and I hope Lily sleeps late tomorrow. I really hope she is 100 percent cos it isn't like her to be down so long. Darned antibiotics have just wrecked her.

The birthday girlSwinging
Lily spent most of the afternoon on the swings with the "Q" boys. She hasn't seen them for a while and they just stuck together.
happy birthday Julia and little Jacob

Julia being a monkey
Oh good grief, where did she learn this little heart stopping move?

Julia...working those glasses

I taught the girls to dip French bread into their soup tonight. They thought it was so naughty and they really loved it. After I had done it I had visions of them doing it at my Fathers house, whenever we visit again, and him going utterly ballistic. I'll just have to step up my "Grandpa's House Mandatory Manners Boot Camp" an extra notch beforehand.

Who knew dipping bread used so much concentration
Rosie is always game for something naughty.
My beautiful girl with some colour back in her face.


val said...

Happy to see Lily looking better.

Dunking bread in soup....the best!!!!

Anonymous said...

We were never told off for dunking ....just slurping noisily the last and best parts of milk shakes...xxbb


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