13 Jan 2012

I can't be the only one

Yesterday morning after I spoke to the pediatrician and she told me to bring Lily in, right now, Lily and I went together to get her washed and dressed. She chose her outfit and then asked me to get her knickers out of her draw. The following conversation ensued.

Lily: can you get my knickers for me?
Me: Sure. Which ones do you want? Make sure they are pretty ones cos you are going to the doctor.
Lily: Why do I need pretty knickers to go to the Dr.?
Me: you always have to wear your pretty knickers when you go to the Dr. because the Dr. will see them.
Lily: SERIOUSLY MUMMY, pretty knickers for the DR?
Me: Uh huh.
Lily: (in a funny voice) oh Lily hello. Oh let me see you. Well you have on some pretty knickers so I will give you much better care. ~
Really Mum, that is ridiculous. Hand me my new ones, I really like them.

See she thought it was madness but she went for it anyway.

Surely I can't be the only woman in the world that only wears brand new knickers when I go to the Dr. Oh and if I have to take them off I always put them under the rest of my clothes so the doctor can't actually see them.
I think it is female logic!


Polar Bear said...

My mom always told me to be sure to have 'the best pair of undies on'. She was more worried that they were clean with no holes. :o)

I always wear new ones and I always, ALWAYS put them where no one can see them if they come into the room.

I hope Lily gets well soon. I hope she isn't stressing about school too much. Her health is most important. All school projects can be made up, even if they are eaten in the middle of the night. :o)

dawn said...

ANd the most ridiculous part is the fact that we would never have holey underwear anyway.

val said...

OMG...I hide mine too!!! My Mother's famous last words were always "Make sure you're wearing clean underwear in case you're in an accident"! I remember when I locked myself out of the house in my pj's that's all I could think about....that & the fact I wasn't wearing any!

Trish said...

Dawn, Thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi, your girls are adorable! You live in FL? Where abouts? We just left Ft. Myers in Aug to here in SC, we LOVE it! Trish

Luciana said...

I do the same exact thing! lol.

Vivian M said...

Yup. And Yup. I think we all were taught the same thing!


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