12 Jan 2012

Alrighty then

Lily has been receiving all of her class work and homework assignments whilst she has been absent from school. The little boy across the street brings it to her each day.

As luck wouldn't have it, she has had to do 2 projects this week.

In social studies they are studying Michelangelo and she had to make a sculpture out of soap. The assignment suggested she use Iv0ry soap so I went out and bought some. This has to be the nastiest soap, EVAH. It smells like soap, and feels slimy even when it is dry. Yuck, I say. Just to make sure "fishy" survives he is living in the fridge. I think that will keep the slimy soap a little bit harder.

Anyway I told her that I had had to do the exact same project when I was little and that Grandpa told me that the easiest thing to make out of soap is a fish. I then explained why. Thankfully she agreed and within a few minutes she had a fish. It looks really good, definitely better than the one I did.

Later that night I went into the fridge to get something for Rosie's lunchbox and saw this.

Look at the middle shelf. There is a note

I just stood there staring and smiling. Daddy gets up in the night, a lot, for a snack and she didn't want him to eat her project apparently.

Here is a photo of "fishy"

Oh dear I think it is upside down but I'm not sure.


Love Letters To China said...

She's so sweet to put a note on it so he doesn't take a bite. Are you going to post a picture of the fish? I'm very intrigued.

val said...

When I had something in the fridge I didn't want anyone to touch I would put it in a take-out container & write "chopped chicken livers" on it! No one ever touched it!

Vivian M said...

She did a great job on fishy! Hope she is feeling better real soon.

Andie said...

She knows her father so well!


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