11 Jan 2012

School stress ~updated

Lily doesn't like missing school and I can't blame her. Being sick this week has really bothered her because they have testing all week and she is so worried about it. Each night our neighbour brings over her missed class work and also her homework. The amount is daunting.

Today Lilpop had a really rotten day. Suffice to say the the side effects from the antibiotics are worse than having strep. Those were her words. 2 phone calls to the doctors office and I am hoping things will be improved in the morning, they weren't tonight. If not we have to go back again. She is so pale and so very tired.

Right now I should be doing a science project. I have never done her work for her and it isn't something she would ever allow even if I suggested it. She doesn't even like it when I hand write her vocabulary words and put them on the fridge. She wants it in her hand writing not mine. The science project she got today just overwhelmed her and we sat together at the computer researching it all and when I suggested that I type it all out for her tonight, she agreed without a moments hesitation. Having missed so much class time the project is coming out of left field. Her books are at school so we did what we could from the internet and I told her not to worry. Heck, she is in so deep at this point that worrying will only make it worse. I wish there wasn't so pressure put on them.

She wants to go back tomorrow, even if only for a half day. I think she will realise that she just can't before she is even finished with breakfast. I give the kids kudps for trying.

Somehow I failed to publish this last night??

Feel better Lilipop. We love you.

It's not fun when you are little and you are sick and Dr's use words like blood test and shots. As brave as Lily is she is crazy afraid of shots. She gets all worked up, she doesn't cry she just gets frantic. To be honest it makes me a little batty.

The doctor ran a few tests to rule out everything else other than the antibiotics. Once it was clear that that is what is making her so ill she stopped them and all her other oral meds. Unfortunately because she is dealing with strep she needs the antibiotics so she had to have a shot. A LARGE shot in her little bum. She explained to Lily how strep can hide in the body and how it can go to the heart. Lily decided that she didn't want that to happen so she was slightly more willing to get a shot. Since leaving the dr's office there have been no more episodes. She still looks like a trainwreck but a little dinner, a nice bath and some sleep will help with that.


val said...

Here's hoping she'll feel better soon!

Briana's Mom said...

Your poor sweet girl. I hope she feels better soon. And I hope she can catch up on all her work. :(

Love Letters To China said...

I hope she's feeling better by now. N. and I feel the exact same way if she misses a day of school. It's horrendous how much work this kids are given. Don't even get me started on all the tests. I certainly don't remember it being this way when I was in school. Oh wait...probably because it was the prehistoric age. ;-)


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