15 Jan 2012

Lets just go.

Yesterday Jacob threw the idea out there that we should either head to Naples for the day or Key West. Naples is an all time favourite place of ours and just a hop, skip and a jump from here and then there is Key West. We haven't been to the Keys in years. We determined that the last time we were down there we went down on the Harley.....that was a while ago. It's a long schlep, especially for the day.

We headed to Key West..that's just how we roll. We received quite a few messages and texts stating that we were quite mad for going so far for one day, frankly, that's your opinion and not ours. With minimal fanfare we shoved the kids in the car and took off.

There was a long queue to get your picture taken in front of this sign and we weren't about to wait in it! I took a photo of the sign from the side. Time was of the essence.
See we really were there too.

Basking in the sunshine. It was a chilly 69 degrees.
It was also very windy, hence my 80's style big hair.
A very empty pier. it's just to cold for us locals.
I love it when the weather is like this. There is never a cloud in the sky.

I found the Queen of England outside a British shop.
I loved this wooden building
One of the many bars
Duval street from the back of our Rickshaw

The reason we chose Key West was because of the sunset and all the shenanigans that happen at Mallory Square every night for the sunset.

There are jugglers
sword swallowers, cant quite make out his sword cos of the lighting and angle but it's in is mouth, level with his belly button
Love this photo

She has a lovely bunch of coconuts
looking perky and proud with his coconuts. Nutter!

After the sun goes down the only thing left to do in KW is drink copious amounts of booze so instead of that we headed home again.
Egads, I had forgotten that parts of US1 from KW to Miami have a special night speed limit of 35 MPH. Oh it made for a tedious drive home. I think I may have said a few naughty words but not until the girls were both asleep.

It was a fantastic day and now we can't wait to plan another spur of the moment day trip. The girls loved it.


Andie said...

Looks like you had fun, except for the night speed limit. Who invented that?? Is it for people who don't have headlights, don't get that at all, must have been very frustrating.

val said...

Great pictures....spur of the moment trips are so much fun!

That speed limit must be for all those old "snowbirds" you get down there!

Love Letters To China said...

You've inspired me to try a spur of the moment trip too. I need a bit of excitement in my life. :-) I'm always trying to plan everything down to the last detail and I forget to have fun. Thank you for making me realize life is about having fun not worrying about the small things.

Briana's Mom said...

I was born in Miami and I don't think my parents ever took me down there while I lived there. I have it on my bucket list. Love your pictures! What a fun day!

Vivian M said...

The spontaneous trips are always the best!

Tammie said...

Spontaneous trips are such fun! Yours certainly looks like it was a success.

I've never been to Key West. David & I tried long ago, but I couldn't hack it.


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