16 Jan 2012

Holy Cow

A few months ago my husband misplaced his video camera. I was unaware of this but I recently accidently found it when doing something else. I remember thinking, "this is a daft place to keep a camera". These words are now being held against me because when he mentioned not being able to find it I told him I had seen it somewhere but couldn't remember where. Now it is my fault that it is lost.

Today he went searching, really searching. Between the 2 of us we emptied every single cupboard that we have. My house looked like an episode of Hoarders.

He never found his stinking video camera. It's still my fault.

The mess.

After a really long time harmony was restored to the house.....kinda.

I was able to take some stuff to G00dwill but they refused to take Jacob. Bast*rds!


Tammie said...

Love your kitchen set!

val said...

If you ever find a place for him let me know....I have one I need to get rid of!!!

Just kidding!


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