17 Jan 2012

We knew this day was coming. *update

Our girls sleep together. They sleep better that way and love not having to be alone in their own rooms. It has always been their choice. We knew one day that one or the other of them would want to start sleeping alone but I didn't expect that day to come so soon.

Lily has decided that she know longer wants to sleep with Rosie. This means one of two things. Either Rosie has to sleep with us every single freaking night, which isn't very fair on Lily as she likes to sleep with us too, or Rosie is just going to have to suck it up and get used to sleeping in her own room like a big girl.

We have spent the best part of the last week talking up Rosie's room. We have told her how fantastic it is, told her that she is such a big girl now as she is nearly 5 and so on and so on. She was meant to go into it last week but with Lily being poorly we postponed it. Tonight is the night. She isn't looking forward to it. It's not like her room is in a whole different wing of the house cos lets face it my house isn't big enough to have wings! She also shares a Jack and Jill bathroom with her sister so she won't be all alone miles away from the closest family member.

I've even brought out the big guns, a basket full of prizes. If she stays put without a fuss she gets a prize otherwise, " Sorry, you are not an instant winner please try again".

As bedtime drew closer her face got longer and longer. I knew this wasn't going to be easy on her but it has to be. I suddenly remembered her old baby monitor and dragged it out. That seems to have been the magic pill, well that and her new night light or maybe the list of instructions she whipped up: don't close my door, leave that (hallway) light on, don't close my pretty blinds just the others, make sure you take the monitor with you downstairs, make sure you come to bed soon, and on and on she went.

Her menagerie of animalsHer books and blankets
She is bed.
Awww, she's fast asleep. But I can't help wondering for how long.

If Rosie was all alone in her room then it means someone else is also all alone. Yippee, she's also asleep.

Rosie spent the whole night in her bed and was still fast asleep this morning at 705am. I had to wake her up and the first words out of her mouth were, I did it and this bed is very comfortable.

She chose her reward this morning (it was something she came up with herself and nothing out of my little basket of goodies) and so help me god I went with it. Sweeties for breakfast! Yes,, it was pretty bad of me but once in her lifetime won't kill her but it might have done her teacher in!


val said...

Hope it all works!

Mireille said...

When we moved to South Africa, we thought it was time for them to sleep alone, each in their own beds. So we bought these cute twin beds, they enjoyed it at first... but after a week they both slept in one of the beds together. This was too cramped after a while, so we put the single beds into the garage and moved the double bed from the guest bedroom so the girls could sleep together in ONE bed but now with a bit more space. Now the girls are 9 and still they sleep together not only in the same room but also in the same bed... so if this doesn't work out... you still have some time! Yours are still young, if they need that security just let them... I am sure that there will come a time that they are ready!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

I hope you are rested! I hate changes in sleep routines!

Love Letters To China said...

Yay for Rosie!!!! So happy to hear she made it through the night. Isn't it so sad how our little babies are growing up so quickly?

Catherine said...

Sweeties for breakfast as a special treat won't hurt her at all! Way to go Rosie!

Vivian M said...

Wow I was expecting that post to end badly, but seems Rosie keeps surprising us all! Good job Rosie!

Tammie said...

Um. Could I perhaps borrow Rosie? Maybe she can convince Erin that sleeping in her own bed for an entire night isn't a bad thing.

Alyson and Ford said...

Great it all worked out! I know changes are tough for our little ones.

Alyzabeth's Mommy


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