26 Jan 2012

Helping to hold up the sky

On February 12 2012, girlies are going to be doing a walk -a -thon to raise money for Half The Sky. The walk is being organised by another HTS mummy, through our local FCC group. (Families with Children from China)
Half the Sky is an organisation that our family is passionate about. Rosie is a Half The Sky child and without them I shudder to think of the care she, as a special needs child, would have received.

No child ever deserves to be raised in an orphanage but if it has to be, one can only hope it is run by HTS.

Below is a photo of Rosie and a brief update about her from her Nanny. This article was in one of HTS's newsletters a few months after we bought her home.
(click to enlarge.)

We are asking all of you to scrounge down the back of the couch, check the pockets of coats you haven't worn in a few months, check your old handbags and kindly donate that money by sponsoring Lily and Rosie.

Lily set up her own webpage for the event and you can donate directly though this link.

No amount is to small.

Thank you so much.


Mireille said...

I can send you a nice tutorial for a no sew tutu dress I made a few years ago. So gorgeous and easy.... for next time you need a tutu. These are compleet 'dresses'.
Send me your email to funkydoodledonkey at gmail dot com.

Vivian M said...

Done! Way to go Lily and Rosie. :o)

Tammie said...

Done! Glad we could help out! So proud of Lily & Rosie for their efforts.

val said...

Happy to help out!


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