25 Jan 2012

Double header

About a month ago I posted about Lily finding a wallet at school and handing it in. She received the Student of the Month award for integrity for doing so. Since December was a short school month the awards were given today in a ceremony that combined December and January. January's character value is, kindness. Rosie received Student of the Month this month for displaying kindness.

This morning I took two little girls to school who were all excited as they were both receiving awards on the same stage at the same time. Rosie couldn't wait to actually see her sister in school. It seems that their paths rarely cross during the day even though they are at the same place.

Rosie, of course, displayed her usual anxiety about having to be somewhere different than the rest of her classmates and worried about who would take her back to her classroom so when I dropped her off we talked to her teacher and quelled her fears.

As Jacob and I entered the patio area we immediately spotted Rosie sitting in the front row and walked up and gave her a kiss. She was beaming as she told us how she could see Lily from her seat. We then made our way towards Lily who was also all smiles and she too told us she had seen her sister. Cute little girls.

Rosie's class was the first up on stage and to my disappointment once she was done the teacher whisked them back to their class so I was not able to get a photo of both of my girls together, holding their awards.

One happy girl with her friend Saywer. Lily and a classmate. They called all of 4th grade but didn't call Lil's name so she mouthed, what happened, did they forget me? Her award was from a speciality teacher so she wasn't called until all the grade levels were accounted for. I was beginning to think she had been forgotten.
Waiting for her award.
Aww, isn't she sweet?

A typical Lily move. Nothing but a blur. She flew up on that stage like a speed racer!For so long this award eluded her and now she has won it twice since August. She looks so pleased.
Yepper, she is proud.

It makes these parents proud to see the values of kindness and integrity in our girls.


Catherine said...

Way to go Lily and Rosie! So much to be proud of!!

Polar Bear said...

Wow!! That's AWESOME!!!

Congratulations Rosie!!!

Congratulations Lily!!!

val said...

Congrats to both Lily & Rosie! Rosie looks adorable in her uniform & I believe looks more confident than earlier in the school year?

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of both of them. a belated Happy Chinese New Year to you all.
Uncle colin.xxxx

Vivian M said...

Best awards ever!!! Congrats Lily and Rosie! And congrats Mom and Dad on instilling those values in your girls. :o)

Andie said...

It is good to see them rewarding things other than perfect attendance!

Love the photo of Rosie and her friend, can she sit any closer to him?

Tammie said...

Lily & Rosie are shining examples of the love their parents have for them. Congrats to all of you!


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