4 Dec 2011

So Fl Asia Group Picnic

Jacob and I hosted a picnic for our group today. We love these get togethers but sadly our group has become really lame and it is basically the same 2 families that organise the get togethers. Once we get something organised everybody turns out but nobody wants the responsibility of doing the organising. It's a pain in the neck but seeing the kids have so much fun makes it worthwhile. When we joined this group Lily was 17 months old so these kids are her friends and they just love seeing each other.

The group is in constant flux. People join, people leave. Kids get bigger and parents pull away as they have so many obligations with teenagers that they can no longer commit any time to the group but this one little band of parents always remain and it is so wonderful to see them and their children. I remember when we started attending functions that it felt sort of weird cos we were the newbies, now we are the old timers who strive to keep things going along with Hollis.

Today even the weather was perfect. We arrived at the park nice and early and got everything set up and slowly and I mean slowly but surely families started to join us and before long there were probably 20+ families all gathered together. One thing we always make sure we do is pass around a donation box. The kids love marching around thrusting the box into peoples business and asking for donations for Half the Sky. My father would have been proud of them all.

If fun can be measured by the dirt on my children suffice to say I had to wash Lily's face 3 times in the bath tonight before it was clean! They were absolutely filthy.

Good friends
scootering fool
A few of the old timers
Lily finds a new friend and finds she is also a fellow swimmer....cool stuff.
We suddenly thought we should get a group shot but this was just a small part of the group.

Oh and we had a fabulous time as well. Jacob konked out a few minutes after we got home and he is still asleep. I would probably be asleep but someone bought the most amazing chocolate cookies that I have eaten and I ate my weight in them so I am a little hyper :O)


val said...

That is great you do that......how wonderful for the kids to stay in touch like that!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...


Vivian M said...

What fun! Hope someone else steps up next year to help out. :o)


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