3 Dec 2011

Really, who would have thunk ?

We have the Elf.

Yes, I was sucked into that commercial part of Christmas cheer but really, resistance is futile. The whole concept of this little dude reappearing morning after morning in a different place for my delighted little kids was just so annoyingly appealing.

Our Elf is a little bit naughty though. He has really been getting himself into all sorts of bother. Before I even visited the websites dedicated to his madness I had already pulled off some of the ones they mention. Considering how many days this little chap has to find a different hiding place I was certainly appreciative of all the commercial help I could find. I can hardly wait for him to adorn the Christmas tree in the kiddies undies, or the night when he uses dry erase markers to add moustaches to the family photos. Ha, I think I am more addicted than the girls are. Even hubby makes sure he has been moved and this morning was most concerned when he couldn't find, "Squirty Smurfy Murphy" anywhere. (yes, sadly that is his name, his registered name, no less.)

With all the late nights that happen at this time of year Elf on a Shelf certainly makes mornings a lot easier than they would be with 2 crabby kidlets. Now they bound out of bed and go on the hunt.

Squirty Smurfy Murphy hanging from the lamp in one of his death defying antics.
Party on Dude. Hubby had something to so with this set up. Rose found it very naughty that he had been drinking beer.
He must have been hung over from the night before cos he slept all day here. Our Elf moves about ALOT during the day but this day he stayed in bed.

Must dash, Elfie needs to remove the star on top of the tree and place his slender little bum there instead. Good grief this is fun.
I dare you not become addicted.


Vivian M said...

What a great idea!

M3 said...

I think he's planking in that first shot!!

Gail said...

I'm laughing at your elf's naughty nightly doings. We have 2 of them and it's been great fun!! So now you've given me a few ideas for ours.

Catherine said...

What a fun, naughty little elf!

And yes, oh my is this fun! Tonight our elf even came to visit friends with us overnight! Won't Hannah be surprised about that when she wakes up!

val said...

Isn't it fun??? There's one at LiLi's house.....his name is Al! She takes it so seriously because she's such a "believer"!!!

Anonymous said...

looks like pinochio.xxbb


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