16 Dec 2011

Rosie's Christmas Show

Yesterday was Rosie's Christmas show at school and let me start by saying what a difference from last year when she was a sobbing blubbering mess who was glued to my side and had to hold Ms. Maria's hand the whole time she was on stage.

Yesterday morning she woke up and as absolutely thrilled at the prospect of getting up on stage and singing. She couldn't wait to put on her pajamas and Santa hat. As I walked her into her classroom I was waiting for her anxiety to start but she just happily went about her business and headed to her seat. I gave her a kiss and told her Daddy and I would be waiting for her in our seats. I was so happy that she was doing so well.

Ms. Katz finally bought them out to the stage and she walked with all the classmates to her seat. She looked a bit nervous but once she realised we were there she gave us the biggest smile and wave and she relaxed. I was a bit miffed because my tiny little Rosie was in the back row and we couldn't see her. I finally left my seat and went and stood at the very back because at least that way I was able to stand directly in front of her and when the taller kids moved she could be seen. She sang her little heart out. She didn't move around to much and she appears to have forgotten all of the hand gestures but she did it. Yee Haw.

Rosie is in the middle
All the way in the back looking to the side
Back centre
Her wonderful teacher and us.

Rosie is in the back row under the huge red flower
please excuse the bald head but I am just not tall enough!

Only in Miami will the sounds of the Christmas show get drowned out by the sounds of emergency vehicles. I have no idea where this ambulance was but it sounded like it was right in the room with us.

This was Rosie favourite song. She even played out the actions BUT it is blurred. I was so upset. My camera died the second the song finished so that is all I can come up with for a reason for the blurriness. I was standing so far away and was zoomed to the max and videoed for an hour. So just listen and don't watch.

We are so amazed at how far she has come. Anything out of the norm just used to scare her to death and make her so uncomfortable. Having a teacher who is not quite as understanding is a blessing as she doesn't cow cow to her every whimper. Don't get me wrong this lady is fabulous but Ms Maria had a soft spot for Rosie as she was also adopted and also that was a private school so they were more willing to bend the rules. Public schools do not have time for ANYTHING.

Rosie Posie, Daddy and I are so proud of you. We love you to the moon and back.


val said...

Oh how cute...sniff,sniff...love the pjs! How come you weren't wearing yours? Isn't she incredible.....just thing how far she's come! Way to go Rosie!

Andie said...

So glad it all went well. She looks really cute.

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

So cute!


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