17 Dec 2011

Christmas things and thinking.

It just wouldn't be Christmas in this house without Mince Pies. My Grandma made the best mince pies I have ever eaten and all the ones I have tried since hers haven't held a candle to them. Mine aren't particularly note worthy but since the girls don't know any better they love them and hubby always snarfs them down.

The girls favourite part of mince pies is making them. I don't know what is so special about them but they absolutely love doing them.

Rolling, Rolling, just keep rolling
Hmmm, some one thought it was play D0ugh
Making the hats
Little ones and tiny ones
Such a happy face

Another thing that is a must in this house at Christmas is Christmas Pudding. I failed to get one. GULP. My sister has 2 cos she forgot to bring it with her. Snarl.

Rumour has it that next year for Christmas we are going to be having a British Invasion. I really hope it is true. Maybe we can convince my Dad to come to...who are we kidding!


val said...

It is such a wonderful part of our heritage & a great one to teach your kids! Next year sounds great....do hope you convince your dad to come!

Vivian M said...

Oh please share the recipe!!!

Tammie said...

I don't know what a mincemeat pie is although I've heard of them my entire life. Your girls are so lucky that you are passing on this lovely tradition of making them together. My mom could barely cook & certainly didn't bake. I try to cook & bake with Erin whenever possible.

BTW, can you please share your recipe? Maybe I can try to make these pies.


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