14 Dec 2011


Today I think I left smoke in my tracks. I ran from here to there and back again from the second I woke up. I run like a lunatic on a normal day but today was extreme.

Rosie woke up this morning and was only able to open one eye which although hilariously funny to see was not a great start to my day. As soon as her doctors office opened I rang them and the sent a prescription to the pharmacy. We figured it was pink eye. About an hour later my eye got all funky too. If you have followed this blog for a while you know I can't take any chances with my eye.

We dropped Lily at school and headed straight to the assembly area for Lily's honor roll ceremony. We were informed by other mothers that have had this teacher before that this would be the first year she wouldn't make the honor roll and to forget principals honor roll as that was out of the question. When she bought home her report card she had all A's in academics but a B in conduct with the homeroom teacher. Oh well we had been warned. As I left school last Thursday I bumped into the "tough teacher" and she said she wanted to tell me something. She had been thinking about Lily's grade and had changed it. She wanted to surprise Lily at the assembly so would I please not tell her. This lady who I have been scared of since school started was so nice, just a really lovely lady. In fact we chatted for a good 10 minutes and I almost got locked into the school.

Adam and Lily. The only 2 kids in their class to make the Principals Honor Roll. Standing with their teachers.
Here she is receiving an award for Perfect Attendance.
Lily, Adam and Sana, the 3 amigos.

Lily was shocked, really shocked. It was great. She then went and thanked her teacher and was hugged by her. Obviously this lady is not what everyone says she is.

Anyhoo, from there I flew to work at full speed and on the way home picked up Rosie's script. the whole time I was driving home I kept thinking....but what if it isn't pink eye and she gets treated with the wrong meds. I know that is irrational but my eye problems started with me being given the wrong meds and now I have a droopy pupil, a scar in my eye that affects my vision, a pupil that no longer dilates and contracts and my eyes are 2 different colours. I'm a bit sensitive to eye problems.
I voiced my concerns to jacob and he agreed. I have the best eye doctor ever and I have his home phone number and his cell. With all the problems I have had, I have never used them. Today I rang his personal office number. He told me to bring all of us in immediately. When we arrived the front desk was waiting for us. This is a huge practice and so busy. The wait times are awful but whenever he sees me in the waiting room he just puts me to the front of the line. (I know it is wrong for the others waiting, It's not my doing) He dealt with Rosie first, then me then Lily. All of us got a full exam, a really thorough exam and vision tests. Rosie cracked everyone up and she went into so much detail about what she could see. The tech, and I were laughing uncontrollably. 2 out of 4 of us are infected.

Darn child of mine is always bringing home something skanky from school. We all got meds, just in case it spreads. We don't all have to use them, just Rosie and I, for now.

By this time it is 4.45 and swimming starts in 10 minutes. With my eyes completely dilated I drove as fast as I could to the pool. That was hair raising. Lily was 3 minutes late. Rosie and I sat and watched her swim then we flew home for dinner. DINNER??? Oh my word the lasagna I had planned on making was still in the ingredient stage. I threw together an omelette and salad. At 8pm the kids finally went up to the bath and then to bed.

Now I need to figure out what to do with Squirty Smurfy Murphy,

Last night he ate the chocolate out of the advent calendars that my sister sent and I got 2 very annoyed kiddies this morning. They couldn't believe he had done such a thing. Once they looked in the fridge they found the stash and then spent ages methodically putting each piece back in their calendars.

Cheeky little Elf.

It will be me who eats the chocolate tonight, not the elf.


val said...

.......and for very good reason!!! I'm tired just reading about your day!

Vivian M said...

Oy, hope the infection is gone soon! Hand over some of that chocolate.

Briana's Mom said...

Yay Lily! Way to go!

Hope your infections go away very quickly!


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