25 Dec 2011

Ho Ho Ho.

Happy Christmas.

Ours has been truly wonderful. It started early-ish when Rose awoke and realised that Santa had been cos she could see her stocking which was followed quickly by the realisation that Santa came into our house and didn't scare or maim her. Shocking!

The girls got into our bed with their stockings and foraged about for quite along time with all the Christmassy goodness. After what seemed like an eternity I suggested we go downstairs. The ohhs and ahhs were quite spectacular as the girls eyed the bling under the tree.

I don't like everyone to just rip into gifts, instead the girls get to pick a gift from under the tree and read who it is for and wait while that person opens it. That way they actually appreciate each gift as opposed to just getting into a ripping pattern. Half way through we had to go outside for a while why Rosie tried out her new scooter and Lily tried out her new pogo stick. After that short intermission we were back at the gifts. Rosie changed into her Thing shirt and was once again content.

Their gifts from us were hidden at the very bottom of tree, under 50+ gifts ( no we didn't buy that many, we have a rule in this house where we only buy 3 gifts. 1 big one from Santa, one from us and one from each sister to the other.). Rosie was starting to think that Santa hadn't heard her and Lily was just as happy as a clam with everything she had already received. Finally they opened the last 2 remaining gifts at the same time. Lily opened hers first and screamed, thank you, oh thank you so much. Within seconds Rosie was jumping up and down and also screaming thank you. Thank you Steve Jobs for making my girls day so very very special.

Snippets of the Christmas fun

It's a tradition in our house, you go outside in your jammies on Christmas morning and try out your new toys. Rosie would not do it and had to change into a shirt from Auntie Sally
pogo-ing p.j. clad fool
Rudolph the red nosed Rosie
A much desired game!
Working her way through her money ribbon

We all played Wii. I got creamed.
Jakie and Lucy
Jacob, Lily, Rose and Caro
happy girl
Things indeed. Crazy Auntie Sally kept calling them by the wrong names so she sent them Thing shirts but Lily noticed right away that she should should have been Thing 1 and Rosie should be Thing 2.

Richie Rich sent the girls a book, Pooh's Little Instruction Book. It is the most delightful book filled with invaluable advice. Page one reads as follows:
If possible try to find a way to come downstairs that doesn't involve going bump bump bump, on the back of your head.

Not 10 minutes after Lily read it to Rosie, Rosie came crashing down the stair arse over elbow. Lily happened to have already made it to the bottom and looked to see where Rosie was just in time to see her trip and start cart wheeling to the bottom. Lily flew as fast as she could to catch her and Rosie is a little bashed about but just fine. Apparently she wasn't listening to Pooh's advice!
The girls love the book and it has made me laugh all afternoon.

Having children makes this day absolutely fantastic. Having friends join us for the day is just the star on top of tree but what we really want is a Christmas with my family. I'm crossing my fingers for next year...I've started to hear murmurs.

I hope your day was also filled with magic and sparkles.
Merry Christmas to all.


Andie said...

Richie Rich sent a book! I have never had so much as a card from him and never through the post. Hope the girls know how lucky they are!

val said...

Sounds like christmas was a fun day. I know what you mean about having family around & do hope your rumors come true!
LiLi's comment was "why did Santa bring so much...I only asked for 6 things" You can count on kids to state the obvious!

Anonymous said...



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