27 Dec 2011

When life hands you lemons, make lemonade

This time of year is meant to be cold. Snow flurries or blizzards, rosy cheeks, seeing your breathe, that kind of stuff not sweating in 80 degree weather. How can you drink hot chocolate when your A/C is the closest you are going to come to cold?

Well we found the antidote for all this hotness. Today we took ourselves to the local Ice Arena for some good old fashioned fun. We met our friends Ed, Jen and Evan there and we donned out skates and hit the ice (some of us hit it literally). I would just like to add that at no point did Jenny or I ever go belly up. We are just that good. LOL A couple of times we were flailing about but we managed to stay upright. Egads was it funny.

In Lily's short little life she has only found 2 things that she cannot do, 1 is roller skating and 2 is ice skating. After her birthday party last year at the roller rink she has pretty much licked the roller skating but this was only her 3rd time on the ice. Little miss true grit and determination, made it happen. She wiped out so many times that I lost count. She hit the guard rails so many times my head was spinning. She sucked it up when her skates started to hurt so badly and she even sucked it up when some clown mashed her hand in a metal door.

Through it all she just kept pushing and she did it. She really was skating like a human and not some sort of animal on loopy juice.
Evan also made it happen. He fell so many times I am sure his butt is blue and his knees must be raw but each time he dug a little deeper and tried it again and again. Rosie held my hand for most of the time. I few times Lily and her would skate off together and she did OK. She was so proud of herself also. We skated for 2 hours.

As much fun as we had the best part was being so cold! Towards the end I was starting to get a little bit too cold and it wasn't fun anymore. I only wore a sweater, I should have put on a jacket as well. I bundled Rosie up as if her life depended on it but she was also starting to show signs of being cold when we left. Some kids were skating in shorts, I have no idea how they didn't get hypothermia.

I didn't take a camera with me as I didn't think we would be allowed on the ice with it but I did keep my phone in my pocket so these very poor shots are courtesy of my phone and that fact that I tried not get busted whilst using it!

3 musketeers.

Rosie found a Rosie-sized Zamboni.
The real Zamboni. I just love that word.

waiting for the Zamboni to finish polishing the ice.
Scary fast aren't we?
Lily dragging her sister.

The pro's again
Don't be fooled by Evan's dejected look, he got back up.
Jenny with the girls
She loved it!

Cold is good, seeing the kidlets with Rosy cheeks and red noses was fabulous, seeing them have so much fun was inspiring but seeing Lily's smile light up the ice and listening to Rosie chant, over and over again, I'm doing it, I'm skating, was priceless.


val said...

You wanna know what cold is come visit? You don't know the meaning of "bundle up" til you've seen me in winter!!!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Wanna trade?

Maci Miller said...

Love it! I don't quite get why you complain about that glorious sunshine, my dear, but I do get the love of ice skating and rosy cheeks! Going to take Rubes for classes end of this month. Always loved skating myself. Should be fun!

Now go take a dip in the pool for us that are freezing right now! :-)


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