24 Dec 2011

Visions of sugarplums dance in their heads

I think for most of us Christmas Eve conjures up Norman Rockwell images of snow and family all gathered around the fireplace. Well you can scratch that idea if you live in Florida and your family is on the other side of a rather large ocean.

For starters, our traditional Christmas Eve fare is Chinese Food. Don't know how it started but it works for us. We have tried many different ideas with regard to Christmas food and that whole Turkey thing is not happening so now we add a little international flavour to both days. We mix some of my traditions from the U.K. and some of Jacobs and then we there are the ones we have just made up and thrown in for good measure, ie. the Elf that appears sometime during the day and leaves a package for the girls on the doorstep. At some point we hear jingle bells and when they dash to the door they are always seconds to late and nobody is there. The package always holds 2 pairs of matching pajamas. We have a laid back day since both of the girls are so excited we always try to keep things low key and incorporate a trip to the park.

Rosie made the reindeer some special food this afternoon. We like to be sure they get more than just carrots.

Sparkly Reindeer food. It looked so pretty sprinkled all over the grass.
Deep in concentration as she measures everything out
Stirring it up.

We had an early dinner this evening and then headed out to see some Christmas lights. There is a house, not far from ours, that really goes a little over the top with the decorations. It is so tacky and trashy and I love to take the girls to see it as they find it just breathtakingly beautiful......gag. Actually this year Lily commented that she thought it was a bit much. That's my girl!
This is the mans garden
this is his garage with an elaborate train set.
Santa being accosted by 2 strange kids
His roof
another part of his yard
more of the roof
And yes people, this is the INSIDE of his house. They let you go inside. It's just weird and tacky.
I have no words left!
I really think that house is horrid but I admire the time and effort that the owners put into it. Rather them than I.

Once the girls had had a bath it was time to get ready to the Jolly Fella himself. Cookies and milk were placed, with love, on the table, the reindeer food was sprinkled outside, and the carrots were placed on a plate for the reindeer. I suggested a paper plate but Rosie would have none of that, thank you very much!

Rosie placed Santa's magic key outside and then we went upstairs to read , Twas the Night Before Christmas and the Polar Express. I then tried very hard to reassure Rosie that, Santa is in fact a very nice person and that it is fine for him to come into the house and that, NO, he wouldn't hurt her in any way. She still seemed rather dubious but I do believe she is sleeping now. That or she is scared stiff and can't actually get out of bed and come downstairs to find me.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Goodnight.


val said...

Merry Christmas to you, Jacob, Lily & Rosie. I love my "visits" to your blog!

That house, my word, I think we call those "white trash" decor! Definitely over the top!

One Happy Mama said...

LOL to that house. I can't believe they actually let you in to see their trash, er, I mean treasures! Wonder where they store all that stuff?? The video was ca-ute ... love how the doggie did some singing too - very talented! Merry Christmas! Nancy

Love Letters To China said...

Your girls are just so precious! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas. Look forward to getting together in the new year.


Tammie said...

I love to see Christmas decorations, but believe that there is a definite limit. Those people? They crossed the line. And letting total strangers in their home? They need to be committed!!

Your traditions are just lovely! I hope you are all enjoying your Christmas Day!


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