26 Nov 2011

Thanksgiving day

I didn't post about Thanksgiving day, somehow it got overshadowed by my Black Friday madness and the fun we had with friends.

I'm not cooking that huge meal again. It's not worth it. The turkey isn't a big deal. Thanks to a cookery book written by and English chef, that I received as a wedding present, cooking the turkey is fool proof and even I can do it with my eyes closed. A little fluff and fuss to begin with and again towards the end but other than that it just sits all alone in the oven cooking itself. It's the side dishes that are madness. Lets face it you don't normally have between 6-10 different sides. Well perhaps you do, we don't. They aren't things you cook on an ordinary day and they are all fussy.

I spent a ridiculous amount of time in the kitchen. The girls were getting bored, the hubby fell asleep and my cries for help didn't wake him. As I got hotter than my kitchen and started banging things about not a soul stirred. We needed to eat early as Jacob had to work and I wanted him to be included in the festivities. By noon I was rushing around like a Black Friday shopper (hah) and nothing was happening. The table needed to be set, the house hoovered, the floors washed, etc etc.

Once our guests arrived everything was in place and they were blissfully oblivious to the chaos of minutes before. My mood was anything but festive but I kept it in check and as usually happens when one has a good time it changed instantly.

Once we sat down to eat, the meal was devoured in minutes. It was all good and everyone enjoyed it, everyone except Lily who has suddenly decided she will no longer eat meat, doesn't like sweet potatoes, stuffing, cranberry sauce or half the veggies and other sides that we had. She a microscopic portion of food on her plate which concerned me. It couldn't keep a flea alive. Rosie actually ate more than her.

So much work for a few seconds. Perhaps it is because I'm not a foodie but it seems like such a waste of time. The company was great and we had a lovely time. The rest of the day spent enjoying each others company.

I'm done with the cooking. I really don't think my kids will be scarred for life and missing some great memories if I don't cook, they are more like to be scarred by my cooking. So from here on out, we are eating out or having it delivered on the holidays unless Jacob wants to do it.

This is my resignation.


val said...

My theory on holiday meals is that everyone should be made to sit at the table for as long as it took to prepare the meal! That wouldn't work tho as our "dinner hour" would have to become our "dinner day"!

One Happy Mama said...

When I was growing up my mom cooked all day in the kitchen too for Thanksgiving. I don't really remember when that all changed - I guess when we started going to other people's homes for Thanksgiving. Usually the host/hostess makes the main meat and everyone brings a dish (including appetizers, desserts), it seems to work really, really well. Some of my other friends just go out to eat, which they tend to enjoy - more time for visiting with family and friends. I personally like the grazing of the food ALL day!

Vivian M said...

I love cooking, so I cannot relate, and we are huge foodies here so everyone loves Thanksgiving and all the leftovers they get to take home. I personally hate the mess and cleaning up though!
I like the idea of ordering a meal instead of having to make it, that way your kitchen is clean and you have less stress and more time to enjoy your company. And you can always have everyone bring a side dish, that would lessen the work for you. Or maybe next year someone will invite you to their house instead?

Anonymous said...

well..maybe we should take you up on your offer and come over "en masse" next year and have the English invade florida.....
I do not mind cooking......so if you want to plan in advance.....for up to thirty people...am up for it.xxxbb


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