26 Nov 2011

1000th post

Okay peeps use your imagination here and imagine a drum roll as this is my 1000th blog post! Envision fireworks and sparkly things, champagne corks popping etc etc. Now notice the men in white coats coming dashing into my house to drag me and my large ego away!

When I started Eggrolls and Chopsticks back in 2006 my Mum was the inspiration. She didn't get to see Lily very often and I wanted her to share in her life. She is also the reason why it is called what it is. Mummy wouldn't call Lily, Lily until we had her in our arms. She said it was bad luck. She gave her the nickname Eggroll and later Rosie would become Chopstick after something that she once said.

i had been reading blogs for sometime but couldn't imagine that anything that happened in my life could be blog worthy. My friend Lori gave me the final push to get started and I once I figured out what end was up I really loved it. The blogworld is a special community. You find people that you connect with and share yourselves.

That first comment is like crack. (figuratively people)

Then the friendships start to develop through the blogs and one by one you start to correspond with these peeps and before you know it you are meeting familiar strangers all over the world. Bonds are forged and connections you never knew existed are made.
I have made some amazing friends through my blog and for this I am eternally thankful. I still have a list of people I need to meet and can't wait to meet.

My blog is now in book form. The girls love it. I love that one day they can look back and see so much of their childhood.

I never realised what I was getting into when I started typing my first post but I am so glad that I did.

I have been surprised constantly by the people who read my blog and even more so by the people who don't. I learnt early on, strangers follow along and family stays away. It's the opposite of what you think when you start. Some of my family reads but many do not. Long time friends don't, new friends do.

If we haven't met yet, I hope that we will.

This wasn't the post I planned on writing today, I thought this was going to be tomorrow's post....such a shame I can't count.


val said...

Let me be the first to say Happy 1000th & also I love your blog especially for the "english sarcasm"! Reminds me of home!

Johnny said...

Congrats on your milestone!

One Happy Mama said...

Happy 1,0000 post - boy you sure do "talk" a lot!

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

WOW! 1000 is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

its a beautifuful blog and i am proud to have been part of this since its inception.xxbb


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